• We found the pot of gold
    We found the pot of gold
    Bravo BTPs are BACK
    The Bravo BTP is back in stock! Pumps will be Jeff Howard improved, modified and ready to ship on Monday. Order now and we'll ship the first of next week!
  • Comfort & Support = Longer Sessions
    Comfort & Support = Longer Sessions
    Harness Headquarters
    When it comes to investing in a new harness, there are several things to consider. Hard-shell/hardback harnesses sport the latest in harness technology.
  • Repair Kits
    Repair Kits
    Stay Session Ready
    Repair kits for every occasion. Small, large, travel and mini are available to meet your repair needs.

Fix My Kite No Kite Repair too Large or Small

Fixmykite.com the number 1 repair and repair products website in the United States, fixmykite.com has been repairing kites for over 12 years. We work closely with many manufacturers of kite equipment and accessories to develop our sport in a safe and performance oriented manner. Some of the companies we are partners include F-One, Ozone, Airush, Liquid Force Kiteboarding, Crazyfly, Slingshot, Eclipse, Wainman, HQ Powerkites, Flysurfer, Flexifoil, Peter Lynn Kiteboarding, and GK Globe Kites.