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Here at, we are dedicated to the enjoyment of kitesurfing at every level. Our location affords us the ability to ride nearly every day of the year. Since we are rider owned and operated our dedication to the development of the sport is truly apparent. We work closely with many manufacturers of kite equipment and accessories to develop our sport in a safe and performance oriented manner. is operated by Prokitesurf.  Born out of a small kite production operation started by Jeff Howard, and Prokitesurf has progressed into a full service shop and online retail store  that prides itself in delivering the best in quality equipment and individualized service for all kiteboarders. For this reason we are able to customize your existing gear to your specifications. So join us in this sport we all love and get out and rid

Contact Us:
623 N. Chaparral St.
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
Phone # 361-883-1473
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Jeff Howard
(Owner / PASA Master Instructor trainer / Designer/Pro rider)
Jeff has been involved with all facets of kiteflying starting with design of sport kites moving then to buggy racing and it's latest reincarnation - kitesurfing. Jeff has taken a real role in the Corpus Christi kitesurfing community.



Born: 10/24/69
Favorite spot: Texas Coast, Portland, Texas
Favorite equipment:
Crazyfly Trix, Crazyfly Bulldozer 130x41, and Crazyfly Raptor
Best riding experience: Mid summer, smooth winds, riding as the sun sets with all my friends.
Worst riding experience: Anytime I've hurt myself!!!
Likes: Helping others to learn the sport and giving back all I can.
Dislikes: Suck ups
Why you kite: For the freedom feeling you get enjoying natures energy at the control of your  finger tips.
Interests: Kiteboarding, Paragliding, kite skateboarding, buggying, motocross.
Brent Reagan (Assistant Manager/Shipping Manager/Sales)
Brent moved down to Corpus in 2007 and after getting used to the seagulls began to quickly progress his kiteboarding skills and increase his knowledge of all things kiteboarding.  Now he spends most of his time making sure your orders are right, shipments are safe and on time, and you're happy and in-the-loop with everything we do.

Born: 6/28/80
Favorite Spot: Wildcat, Portland TX
Best riding experience:  First jump I landed, and anytime I'm lit in high winds riding fast
Worst riding experience:  Losing a board on a great day and running up and down the coast for over an hour looking for it
Likes:  McEwan's Scotch Ale, cool weather, great movies
Dislikes:  Mushrooms, Raw tomatoes, raw onions, and raw bell peppers; overly-dramatic people
Why you kite:  It's a rush, it's different every time, it's outdoors, and I've got great gear selection! 
Other interests:  Music, soccer, camping, fine alcohols, kayaking, traveling, skating, musicals about circuses, cardio salsa dancing


Skype Me™! Customer Service
623 North Chaparral St
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
phone 361-883-1473
fax 361-883-1539

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