Water Wear

Everything you need to stay comfortable and safe in the water: water shades, rashguards, neoprene hoodies, float and impact vests, wetsuits, drysuits, booties, gloves, and hats. 
Water Shades
Water shades and sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun and water. Straps that go around your head to stop the sunglasses from falling off while you ride and we also have protective cases to keep your shades scratch-free while off the water.
Rashguards / Water Shirts
Rashguards, water jerseys, and water shirts do a lot for you. They protect you from the sun and also stop harness rach. If you kite as much as we do, you need some just to make your life better. We carry all your favorite brands: Ozone, Crazyfly, Kiteboarding.com, and Dakine.
Neoprene Hoodies
These neoprene jackets and hoodies cut the wind chill factor and will keep you warm on and off the water. Oversized and warm, they are great for warming up after your session or while taking a break. Hyperflex and Prolimit know what it takes to keep you warm.
Floatation & Impact Vests
Safety in kiting is very important, especially when learning how to ride or a new trick, and floatation and impact vests will help protect you. Impact vests protect against hard landing on the water from a missed jump while flotation vests help keep you afloat in deep water. Safety and piece of mind
Stay dry and toasty this winter with a drysuit. Drysuits give more mobility than a wetsuit and allow you to stay warm outside of the water as well without worrying about wind chill.
We offer a full range of wetsuits to keep you warm and on the water for conditions ranging from the peak of winter season to spring time short suits. Different suits offer different neoprene thicknesses for the core, torso, and arms as well as different technologies for sealing the seams to keep the water out.
We have a huge Selection of booties from O'Neill and Rip Curl. Protecting your feet from a reef or oyster shell or just keeping your feet nice and toasty, we have a booty for everybody.
Gloves keep your hands warm in the coldest conditions and you can't kite if you can't feel your bar or what the kite is doing. We carry gloves from O'Neill, Rip Curl, and Dakine and they are a must when you are still frothing to kite once it gets cold.
Water Hats
Water hats help protect your head and face from the sun. They have handy chin straps to keep the hat on your head while out riding.
Neoprene Beanies
Most of the heat in your body escapes through your head, which is why beanies are so popular and a must when the temperatures start to drop. You can't wear a regular beanie on the water, so get a warm neoprene beanie to keep you body toasty in those frigid conditions. O'Neill, Prolimit and Rip Curl are the leader manufacturers.