Land Kiting Shop

Land Kites, Traction Kites, Buggies, Mountainboards, Harnesses, and Protective gear for landkiting. Ozone Kites, HQ Kites, and Kite Land Boards from MBS 
Trainer Kites
Sensei, Ozone and HQ provide trainer kites designed to learn the basics of kiteboarding but also can be used with skateboards for fun kite skating.
Land Boards
MBS and Landyachtz have great land boards tha can be used with a kite in a field or on the sand. Used when the wind isn't quite high enough to kite on the water. They can be a lot of fun for downhill too.
Kite Buggying is a totally separate discipline from standard kiteboarding but is fun all the same. Try something different and become a speed junkie with a kite buggy from Peter Lynn.
Landkiting Packages
Complete packages for landboarding. A land board or skateboard paired with a foil kite for great fun.
MBS and Landyachtz have skateboards that are designed for fun and cruising. They can be used with a small trainer kite for fun on those light wind days.
The Ozone Access SB harness has been updated only in the materials used to construct the harness. Now, the leg loops and waist belt have a closed cell nylon shield to keep the snow and water from sticking and inundating the mesh material on the harness
Kite Land Boarding DVD's
Kite Land Boarding DVD's from Progression, one of the best instructional DVDs on the market.