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Featured Video Clip of the Week

Alex Caizergues, F-One Kiteboarding,  has officially set a new outright World Speed Sailing Record at 54.10 knots during his 1st run at 15h38 yesterday afternoon in Luderitz, Namibia.  This is truly an historical moment. For the first time ever, the 100km/h barrier with a sail has been broken. Alex left his closest competitor almost 2kts behind. Unbelievable. Congratulations Alex!

And congrats to the F-One team as well to provide Alex with the right gear. Record was broken on a new 2011 Bandit IV 8m, using a Kakoo custom board and asymmetrical “RESPONSE” thin fins based on the new UNIBOX system that will equipped all the F-One 2011 twin tips.

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