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Complete Your Quiver:
Stop missing sessions, complete your quiver.  Having a good size range of kites means getting more time on the water, and more FUN!  Right now is a great time to fill out the quiver and make sure there are no gaps.  We have kites in just about every size at the lowest prices of the year to make room for 2012 so jump on it now and be ready.  With hectic schedules, family, school and everything else going on most people just don't get the time on the water they want.  Be sure you are ready to make the most of it with a kite quiver that is right for you.  Give us a call or shoot over an email and our team will be happy to set you up with the right size gear.
Interested in a kite not on Sale?  Give us a Call for the BEST PRICING AVAILABLE!!!  361.  883.  1473

Local Update:
Corpus Christi avoided pretty much all Tropical Storm activity last week, and while we missed out on some badly needed rain the dry weather does mean one good thing: WIND!!!   Local kiter John Cole was spotted out at Wildcat on his 4.5m RPM (working it, but still a 4.5m. Really?). It has continued to blow every day in the 18 to 25 mph range. This weekend looks to be more of the same.  For any out of towners looking for a sure bet, now is the time to come.  Super consistent winds, cheap accommodations, and plenty of riding locations for everyone. 

Complete Your Quiver: Yes, These Prices Are Real 
Airush Flow FT
Starting at $649.00 was $1449
Airush Vapor II
$449.99 was $1729
2011 Naish Park

 Starting at $899.00 was $1699

2011 Cabrinha Switchblade

 Starting at $912.00 was $1999
2011 Slingshot Rally

 Starting at $1349.95 was $1949
2010 Slingshot RPM

 Starting at $949.99 was $1679


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