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Go Pro 24 Hour Sale:  
GoPro's are the easiest way to get videos and pic's of you session in crazy high resolution.  A included waterproof housing and tons of mounts makes it easy to use for you next kiteboarding, surfing, SUP, mountain biking, or whatever else you do session.  This also makes the PERFECT GIFT that any kiteboarder or outdoor enthusiast will love. 

 Only $199.99 was $269.99

  GoPro Floaty Back Door
Finally, the GoPro can now float with the addition of the Floaty Back Door.  Industrial strength 3M adhesive backing attaches the floaty directly to the HD HERO waterhousing backdoor. A spare HD HERO waterhousing backdoor is included. 

 Only $14.99 
  GoPro AntiFog Inserts
Prevent your camera’s housing from fogging, even in cold temperatures/humid environments. Great value and performance: includes 3 sets of anti-fog inserts. Each set lasts 4-5 uses and can be dried in an oven (3 minutes) and used again.

 Only $14.99
KiteHero Kiteboard Fin Mount for GoPro
The Kitehero Fin Mount is an alternative mechanical mounting solution to the GoPro Surf Hero's adhesive disk mount. Utilizing the standard fin box on almost any kiteboard or wakeboard, the strong fully adjustable low profile base gives riders an unobtrusive way to mount a camera to their deck.

 Only $31.95
  Go Pro LCD BacPac
No more waiting until you get to a computer to see what you got.  Now you can instantly preview and playback videos and photos.  We have been using these for a while now and they make it way easier to get the shot you want.  

Relive Reality Instantly.

 Only $79.99
  UK Pro 20 Waterproof Case for GoPro
This premium waterproof case by Underwater Kinetics helps you carry your point of view camera for all of your traveling needs.  For anyone wanting to travel with their go pro this is a must.  Also super nice to keep your go pro and small accessories organized.  Makes a great gift for someone that already has a Go-Pro.

 Only $44.99

MINT Condition Demo Kite Sale:
The kites below have all been used 1 time or less and are in such perfect shape we guarantee you will not even be able to tell they have been used. All still covered under full warranty.
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2011 Switchblade

Starting@ $999 was $1749
2011 Crossbow

 10m / 11m / 13m / 16m
Starting@ $1049 was $1999
2011 Naish Park

7m / 8m / 9m / 12m / 14m
Starting@ $819 was $1699
2011 SS Turbine

$1449 was $2149

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