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Get ready for the Winter Windy Season!!!
For many parts of the country winter means high winds and colder weather. Make sure you and your gear is ready to battle the elements. Now is the time to check over your kite, bar/lines, and make sure you have enough rubber.
PKS Kookproof Pigtails

Tying and un-tying your lines causes a wear point that can lead to breakage. Putting removable pigtails on the end of each line fixes this problem. Instead of replacing your flying lines you can simply put on a new pigtail.

$23.95 normally $29.95
Ronstan Orbit Block Pulley

Almost all of the main manufacturers have gone to a the new Ronstan Orbit Block Pulley because of their stronger, smoother running, and more durable design. Kites can be retro-fitted with these pulleys and custom attachment points are available for any kite.

$19.95 normally $29.95
PKS Kookproof Pigtails

This kit is an absolute no brainer to have in your bag. There is no excuse not to have this kit, because it has all the essentials in standard kite repair. Eliminate excuses and stay on the water.

$49.95 normally $74.69
Ripstop and Dacron Tape
Having some Ripstop and Dacron tape in your kitebag is a must. Small unrepaired tears can lead to huge blowouts. We recommend inspecting your kite every once in a while. For small tears less than an inch simply use a piece of ripstop on the sail or dacron on the leading edge.

Ripstop only $0.65 per foot, Dacron only $0.50 per foot
Neil Pryde Heat Lock Beanie
Neoprene beanies add lots of warmth. Whether you live somewhere cold or just need something for coldfronts these make a big difference.

$34.95 normally $39.95
This wetsuit topper works perfect for kiteboarding or any windsport. Outer material is windproof to keep you extra toasty. Great for wearing on its own when it is a little chilly, or layer it on top of a shorty or wetsuit for extra warmth. This is Oneill's top of the line material and is super stretchy.

$69.99 normally $89.95
Slingshot Octane 7m

The Octane is one of the best freestyle, all around kites ever. Stable, easy relaunch, light to medium bar pressure, and great lift. We have spent lots of time on the Octanes, and it is simply a kite you can't go wrong with.

$599 normally $1679
Slingshot Key 7m
Super Stable, easy relaunch, and lots of low end grunt. Makes the perfect kite for someone learning or makes a great kite for the snow that can also be used on the water.

$599 normally $1449
Slingshot SX 131cm
A great board for high winds. Going to a smaller board for nuking winds is a blast. Many times it just does not make sense to spend $700+ on a board you will only use when cold fronts are coming through, but at this price why not have one around. Great smooth riding shape.

$299.95 normally $649