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Go Pro 2's Just Arrived in the Shop
2x as Powerful in every way
Go Pro HD Hero 2 waterproof cameras just became available in a very limited quantity.  These cameras work the same as the GoPro but are more powerful in every way providing an even clearer sharper image and more frames per second.  With the Christmas season fast approaching we are sure to sell out quickly so grab one of these while we got'em.
  $299.95  QTY. IS LIMITED

Jeff takes us through a nice quiver of our favorite golf travel bags.   Jeff is a seasoned travel kiter, in fact he has probably done more kite traveling than most other people will ever do.  He is the expert on this, trust him.
(Look on the Facebook posts page for the code)
  Crazyfly Golf Bag w/ Backpack Straps (no wheels):
-Lightest bag we carry.  Just a little over 5 lbs.
-Backpack straps super useful for travel
-Compression straps all the way around
-Includes one Kite Compression Bag
-Protection in the right places

Dimensions: 140cm   x   48cm   x    25 cm
weight: 5lb 2 oz

 Only $164.95
  Crazyfly Golf Bag w/wheels
-Lightest bag we carry with wheels.  Just a little over 8 lbs.
-Wheels to make travel easier
-Compression straps all the way around
-Protection in the right places

140cm   x   48cm   x    25 cm weight: 8 lbs 6 oz
155cm   x   52cm   x    25cm  weight: 8 lb. 14 oz

 Only $169.95 for 140cm, $174.95 for 155cm
   NSI Deciever
-Compact, durable design.  Looks like a Golf Bag. 
-Narrow, may not fit some wider boards 
-Compression Straps
-Wheels to make travel easier
-Good protection

Length 150cm, base end 36cm x 38cm top end 30cm x35.5cm
weight 9 lbs

 Only $149.95
  Naish Golf Roller Bag
-Lots of pockets.  External bar pocket
-Heavy Duty Construction
-Wheels to make travel easier
-Lots of padding
* top extension will not fit a longer board because it is not wide enough

Dimensions: 140cm weight: 9 lbs, 145cm weight 9 lbs 2 oz

 Only $199 

Starbuck's Snowflake Kites Commercial
Click here to check out the making of that cool snowflake kite commercial that has been all over the place.  Really neat to see where kites can take you.  Congratulations Blake!!!!
Want a snowflake kite of your own? 
Click here
Easy to assemble and flies in light winds so this makes a great gift and a fun activity for parents and kids to do together.  Order this weekend and we will make sure it arrives in time for Christmas. 

Starting at just

Dead Bird Buggy Bash 

Join Jeff out at the Dead Bird Buggy Bash on Galveston Island.

The Dead Bird Buggy Bash - DBBB - is a casual, no-schedule, no-races kite buggy regatta held each November over the Thanksgiving holiday in Galveston Texas. Started as an annual holiday retreat for local kite buggy riders, this growing event follows no criteria or format other than to enjoy kite buggying with friends new and old and promote kite traction in a friendly and safe environment. Buggy pilots, landborders, kitesurfers, sport kiters and traditional kite enthusiasts are all welcome. Be sure to attend the potluck dinner on the beach Thanksgiving day.  Click here for more details


We are looking for highly motivated, hard working individuals, looking for a full time career in the kiteboarding industry.  For anyone interested please email