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Cyber Monday is HERE!!!
Stop working and start ordering.  Shopping for new kiting gear is way more fun than any job is anyway.  Save up to and over 50% on tons of products throughout our store, and save an additional 10% off your entire order just for ordering 3 items and entering coupon code: 
cyber.  10% offer ends Today so Get Shopping!!! 

GoPro Floaty Back Door
Worry less about losing your GoPro.  The floaty backdoor makes your GoPro float on the surface.  Bright orange to make it nice and easy to find. 

Only $14.99
GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts
Highly recommended for any use in or around water. Prevent your housing from fogging.  These inserts really work and are re-useable!!!  (Includes 3 sets)

Only $14.99
UK Pro Waterproof GoPro Case
Tried and tested by the team.  We highly recommend this case to protect your GoPro and accessories.  Smart design keeps everything organized.

Only $44.99

 Don't Forget:  The best deals on the Planet.  These won't last long.....



The Best Gifts for Any Kiteboarder...
These accessoiries will make any kiteboarder happy.  Grab a few for a friend and treat yourself while your at it.  Remember, buy 3 today and enter code: cyber, to recieve 10% OFF.
DryCASE Waterproof Case
Only $39.99
Dakine Tackle Box
Only $19.99
was $34.99
KiteFix Repair Kits
Starting at $10.99
HN Sports Watershades
Only $38.95 was $49.99
Hyperflex Playa Hoodie
Only $119.95
Rooster 3.0 T-Shirt
Only $14.95
HitchSafe: Hitch Lock Box
Only $69.95 was $79.95
PKS Compression Bags
Only $17.95 was $19.95
PKS Relaunch Tool
Only $18.95 was $23.95
Water Proof MP3 Players
Only $95.95
Starting at $24.00
Progression DVD's
Only $34.95

Starbuck's Snowflake Kites Commercial
Click here to check out the making of that cool snowflake kite commercial that has been all over the place. Really neat to see where kites can take you. Congratulations Blake!!!!
Want a snowflake kite of your own?
Click here
Easy to assemble and flies in light winds so this makes a great gift and a fun activity for parents and kids to do together. Order this weekend and we will make sure it arrives in time for Christmas.

Starting at just


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