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Well, you try to be nice and you get into trouble. We did our best to change the industry in regards to new kite pricing, but we've been sternly asked to make some changes. So gone are the days when you could select the "Trade-In" option and see exactly how much you could instantly save on your brand new kite. BUT, this does not mean that we gave up on our cause or this Trade-In deal. Instead of being able to select the option online, we ask that you would either call us at 361-883-1473 or email us to inquire about how much you can save on a new kite by trading in your old gear. The plus side is, this will allow us to more closely evaluate your potential trade-in and allow us to save you more money than the generic trade-in discount. We will still take any kite at all for a trade-in and it will be applied to almost all 2012 kites. Thank you for being patient with us. We vow to always bring you the most fair market value we can and save the planet at any cost, no matter who has a problem with it. Below you will find just some of the kites on which we offer the Trade In Discount. Happy Shopping.


If you're still not convinced that this is the best valve ever made, just watch this video of Jeff showing off all the uses of this amazing valve. He uses it as the inflate valve by simply peeling off the TearAid backing and sticking it on, then with a simple cut on the valve stem he turns the Multi-Option Valves into one-pump valves. If this video doesn't prove our point, then come on down to Texas and we will show you in person.