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Only $19.95
Ronstan Orbit Block Kite Pulley
We have a great solution for anyone tired of broken pulleys. Stronger and extremely jam resistant. This is a great inexpensive upgrade that could save your session.-1200lb rating!!!
Local Scoop: 
Like Butter
Even with the recent tropical activity, Corpus and Portland has been rocking.  High tides have opened up new super flat water spots and the locals have been taking advantage.  Next weeks wind forecast looks amazing with SE winds in the 18-20mph range so get down here and ride!  
Lessons: Ideal Conditions
The forecast is looking perfect for anyone wanting to get started, or work on a new trick.  Call and get on the schedule today, lessons book up fast.  361-883-1473
 $1049 SAVE $850
 Ultimate Quick Start Package: Slingshot T3 and 2010 Ignition
The Slingshot T3 is a proven easy to use, super stable, 4 line bow kite.  Incredibly fast, easy relaunch and friendly flying characteristics make this the kite of choice for anyone getting started or just looking for a kite you can trust.  Paired with the 2010 Slingshot Ignition, this package will deliver a easy learning curve at an incredible value.  This is one of our top choices for anyone getting into the sport.  Simply add your choice of either a 2010 Liquid Force Luxury Classic waist harness or a 2010 Dakine Fusion Seat harness and you have everything needed to kiteboard. 
Complete with bar/lines, bag, pump, footstraps, pads, fins, handle
7m T3 + 2010 Ignition 140cm or 150cm = $1049 was $1899
9m T3 + 2010 Ignition 140cm or 150cm = $1073 was $1899
DEAL OF THE WEEK: Slingshot Full Pigtail Kit
Absolutely everyone should replace pigtails at the first sign of wear.  A broken pigtail may not only result in a annoying long swim in and lost days on the water but may also be a major hazard leaving you with an out of control kite.  For this week only grab a whole set of pigtails (8 pigtails - 4 for the kite end and 4 for the line end) for only $12.95.  Attach 4 pigtails to your kite and 4 pigtails to your line ends to prevent wear and tear on your lines.  Even if you do not need new pigtails now grab a set or two just to have on hand.
Full Pigtail Kit includes 8 pigtails: Only $12.95
was $30.000

Build - Customize - Upgrade your Bar
It is amazing what a difference a good, easy to use bar can make.  We have a huge selection of bars, lines, chicken loop rope, complete rigs and everything else you need to get your setup just right.  Custom line lengths, leaders, and more available.
Click Here to Check Out our entire inventory of Control Bars and Acc.

SS Pro Bar Only
$35.00 was $99
SS Direct Bar Complete
$195.99 was $399
SS Profire Bar Only
$25.00 was $99
Leader Line
$0.75 per foot
PKS High Vis. Line Set
$125.95 was $139.95
Airush C Kite Bar Cpl.
SS Active Stopper Ball
was $35
SS Lock-n-Load
$45 was $75
Spect. Chicken Loop Line
$2.00 per foot
PKS Line Extensions
starting at $29.95
Set of four