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  Naish Golf Roller Bag
Cold weather and winter vacation is just around the corner so make sure you are ready to bolt out and get to some tropical windy local with this perfectly designed Naish Golf Bag.  This is one of our favorites because it can fit a ton of gear but still has the look of a golf bag to hopefully sneak onto the plane with minimal fees.  Want to give yourself the best chance of possible?  Grab a couple of old clubs and throw in the bag just incase they make you open it up. Fore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   2011 Naish Park  Available NOW!!!!
The 2011 Naish Park has been creating lots of buzz online and it is finally available.  A 3 strut, super simple lightweight design based off of the acclaimed Torch.  The word on this kite is the pro's have been loving it, but your everyday rider or total beginner will be stoked on it too.  The lightweight super stable flying characteristics make it a great wavekite for hooked or unhooked riding, and the C-kite feel is a big plus for advanced freestyle riders. 

How to Pick the Right Harness For you?
We have been getting lots of questions about harnesses lately with all of the end of year specials going on.  Lots of great harnesses are marked down to stupidly cheap prices but how do you pick out the best one for you with all of the options?
  Below is a nice little break down to help make the decision a little easier. 
Soft Waist Harnesses:
These harnesses feature a soft and flexible interior, and are the lightest harnesses out there.  Riders tend to prefer these if they are looking for comfort, flexibility, and a minimalistic approach.  These are also the best option for anyone riding without a rashguard or wetsuit because they cause the least irritation and tend to not produce the dreaded harness rash.  Wave specialists seem to be leaning towards these because they are riding less powered and don't need the support of a stiffer, heavier harness.   
 $129.99 was $149.99
 $99.95 was $149.99
 2010 Dakine Renegade

 $99.99 was $110.00
Stiff Waist Harnesses: 
More support for powered riding.  This is a great option if you like riding lit, or need more back support without going to a seat harness. A harder exterior shell allows the pull to be dispersed throughout the harness.  While they are slightly heavier and not a flexible as other designs riders that enjoy being powered up may prefer this type of harness.
2010 Naish Moto  

 $119.99 was $169.99
2010 Dakine Pyro 

2010 LF Comp 

 $129.99 was $169.99
Seat Harnesses:
Seat Harnesses provide the most lower back support and designs with legstraps stay down better for anyone starting out.  This design is also a favorite with racers and many other kiteboarders because the lower hook point means you have more leverage for edging against the kite and getting upwind faster.  Anyone with a rib or back injury will find this design to offer the most comfort and protection from a re-injury.  One tip for anyone who wants the lower hook point but not the legstraps is to try out the Dakine Sonic, or even try out a seat harnss such as the Fusion without the legstraps.  Several riders have simply chopped off their legstraps and it works great for riders past the beginner stages of getting yanked around and spending time with their kite overhead. 
2010 Naish Balance
 $129.99 was $149.99
2010 Dakine Fusion  

 $139.99 was $149.99
2010 Dakine Sonic 
 $129.99 was $149.99