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  2009 Naish Thorn FC
High Performance, ultra-lightweight, FULL Carbon.  A great high wind board for bigger guys, or just a awesome all around freestyle wakestyle board for everyone else.  You will never find a board with this much tech in it for so cheap.  Offer only available for one week only. Quantity is limited.  The Thorn FC is constructed in a  premium TIP2TIP WOOD CORE + FULL CARBON TEAM LAMINATE. 

was $749

with any 2010 Switchblade
One of the most highly acclaimed kites is on sale and now you can add on a complete kiteboard starting at only $199. Have your eye on a board not listed with the Switchblade?  Just give us a call at 361-883-1473.


  Hitch Safe: Trailer Hitch Lock Box
We finally found a safe, easy way to stash your keys before you hit the water.  Trust us, if you have a hitch and kiteboard, this will make your life way easier.  Installs on any hitch in only a couple of minutes and provides fast, easy access to your keys.  The bad guys are getting smart and know anyone into watersports normally just hides their keys somewhere on the car.  Why risk it?  Also great for keeping a spare set just incase you get locked out, or so you don't have to keep up with your keys when you leave your car or truck behind at the airport.  This little thing is so handy just about everyone at the shop has bought one.
Watch the Video Here  (Click Videos Tab)