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Deal of the Week:
2010 Slingshot Lunacy
One of the best freestyle boards out there.  A straighter outline provides tons of power for launching huge jumps, and the new Hyper Tip Flex makes for a smoother ride.
129cm / 135cm
  Starting at $309.99  
LF 2010 Havoc 14m
A great kite for bigger guys or light winds.  Super fun, fast turning, high performance kite. 
 $849.99 K/C
Last Remaining 2010 Stock

It's Official: Wetsuit Season is HERE
With the first strong cold fronts pushing through the entire U.S. this past week, it is time to make sure you have everything needed to stay nice and toasty.  2011 Suits are in stock and they just keep getting better.  Our two most popular models for staying warm in the harshest climates are the Hyperflex Aerodome, and the NPX Zeolot.  The Hyperflex Amp Aerodome has been totally redesigned and is the warmest suit ever made by the brand.  Lots of tech has gone into the suit to keep body warmth in and especially if you need a 4/3 or thicker to stay warm in super cold conditions this is a great choice that is well worth the money.  Wind protection layers, and ankle vents makes the NPX Zealot a top choice for a kiteboarding specific suit.  A Lake Michigan customer was raving that it is the best suit he has ever had because it is so warm against wind chill, but still stretchy.  Both suits are available now in all sizes and thicknesses. 
2011 NPX Zealot
Starting at $329.99 4/3mm
6/5/4mm Hooded
2011 Hyperflex Amp
Starting at $229.95
3/2mm, 4/3mm, 5/3mm
5/4/3mm Hooded
6/5/4mm Hooded|

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Top 5 Wetsuit Tips and Tricks:
 #1.  Get a Good Wetsuit
If you take care of them, a wetsuit will last you 4 to 5 years depending on how much you ride.  So unlike kites, boards and all the other gear we seem to go through and need to replace, this is one of the few purchases that will stay with you for a long time.  Be sure not to skimp and to get the right size for your body type.  Cheaper suits are tempting but if you plan on kiteboarding much when the air is under 60 degrees having sealed seams and other body heat trapping technologies make a HUGE difference in warmth and how long you can ride.  Lots of people ask us what the difference is between a $100 suit and a $300 suit and without getting into all the tech talk it boils down to two things.  Better, more expensive suits are warmer and stretchier.  We find that if you live in colder areas or plan on riding on the coldest days it becomes more important to get a top of the line suit. 

#2.  Can't Get it On?  Use some plastic grocery bags to make it a cinch
Wetsuits can be a pain to get into, especially the higher quality ones because they are designed to form a water tight seal.   This means you will be warmer in the water but getting it on can sometimes feel like giving birth in reverse.  To ease the problem just take a grocery bag along in the car.  Slip it over one foot and put it through the leg.  Then do the other foot and both arms.  This not only makes it easier but prevents some wear and tear from tugging on your wetsuit.  

#3.  Keep it Clean
Leaving your suit salty and bunched up in the car will slowly degrade the materials and make it stiffer and prone to cracking and tearing.  Always rinse it off when you get home and hang it up to dry.  One trick that saves time is just rinsing it off in the shower after your session.

#4.  Get a Water Beanie
Lots of heat escapes through your head so by wearing a beanie your whole body will feel warmer.  Neil Pryde beanies are our favorite because they have a ruberized seal that keeps it on your head.  The best part about beanies is they still allow for free movement unlike a full hood that can limit your vision and make you stiff.  

#5.  Kiting with Snow Flurries in the Forecast?  Get a Full Hood
Once the air and water temperatures start getting seriously cold a full hood is the way to go.  They may be a little annoying but will keep you much warmer.  Suits with a built in hood such as the O'Neill Mutant, Hyperflex Amp Aerodome, and NPX Zealot 6/5/4 keep water out so you don't get that cold rush from a wipeout or when duck diving during a surf session.