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2010 Octanes Final Blowout
The 2010 Octane was a shop and customer favorite kite in 2010 and still is one of the most used kites by several shop riders.  We have been sold out of this kite for months and thought we would never see more, but a limited supply was found.  Already the 9m and 11m has sold out but there is one 7m and five 13m left.  These kites are fast, stable, quick turning, have a light bar pressure, easy relaunch, and like to go HUGE!  The 13m makes a awsome high performance light wind kite or a great daily driver for the bigger guys.  Act now or forever hold your peace.  We will very likely never be able to get our hands on this awsome kite again. 

 7m = $869 / 13m = $999 COMPLETE
Are you a big strong man like the guy to the left?  Or just need a good package that will work in lighter winds?  Just add on a 2010 Slingshot Misfit 142cm/146cm or a 2010 Slingshot SX 147cm and SAVE EVEN MORE!!!  Click Here To Order 

 Get the PERFECT GIFT.....
Liquid Force Aura 127cm
This is a great board for ANYONE.  Perfect for lighter riders, or for bigger kiteboarders in strong wind conditions.  A great little shape based off of the recoil.  This is a perfect gift to get your girl into the sport, and you can use it as a high wind board.  This is not a typo, only $149.99  for the deck and fins, or $219.99 for the board complete with either luxury or stilletto straps/pads/fins/handle.   Qty. is limited, act now and get it in time for Christmas.
 $149.99  was $649.99
  Gift Certificates Available:
Let them decide exactly what they need.  We will even mail them  a nice certificate with a special message from you.  Gift certificates can be used on anything in the store or towards lessons and since we have the largest online selection anywhere you know any kiteboarder will be happy. 
FREE Kiteboarding DVD with every gift certificate $100 and above.

 More Great Gift Ideas...
Trailer Hitch Lock Box
Lock keys in your truck hitch while you ride with this hot new item.  Makes life so much easier and is more secure than trying to hide them somewhere.  One of Jeff's favorite new items.  Simply set your 4 digit code and you are set.  Install can be done by anyone in 2 minutes without any tools.  Clever hitch cover makes this smart design even more discreet.  Even put your extra set in for those of us who have a way of getting locked out. 
ONLY $69.99  FREE SHIPPING  Limited Time Only
Gift in a Mug:
Perfect Gifts that fit nicely in a well designed Stainless Steel Travel Mug
Huge Selection of options to Fit ANY Kiteboarder 
These 16 oz. Insulated stainless steel mugs make the perfect gift for any kiteboarder.  A secure spill proof lid, double thermal insulated interior, and easy grip design make this your go to travel mug for the morning commute, morning patrol session, or road trip.  Paired with some great accessories any kiteboarder will use and you have a perfect gift that will surprise anyone.
Starting at Only $29.95
  Neil Pryde Beanie
This is a must have item for any kiteboarder when the wind starts to get a chill.  It is amazing the difference keeping your head warm makes.  We love wearing these during the strong cold fronts that blow through Corpus Christi.  Unlike a full hood that restricts your movement and just feels plane weird, these heatlock beanies are super comfy and do not hinder your movement.   There is a inner rubber segment on the rim that really makes it stay in place and prevents it from riding up like some other brands that we have tried.
Only $34.95  was $39.95
  Dakine Tackle Box
This is one of the smartest bag designs we have seen and makes a really cool gift.  The design has lots of pockets that fold out to allow for easy organization of fins, screws, tools, repair tape, sunscreen, and all the other essentials to take to the beach.  Even for non kiteboarders this organizer is super useful.  Great for RC hobbies, surfers, snowboarders, skiers, sailers and just about anything you can think of.  Also great for making a first aid kit.
Only $23.00
  Sea Specs Polarized Water Glasses
These are the most comfortable and durable water glasses we have found.  Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is always important, especially on the water where glare can make things even worse.  Fully polarized, with a built in, easily adjustable strap.  These glasses are perfect for kiteboarding, surfing, sailing or wherever else you need a good pair of glasses that will stay on your head. This is a customer favorite and something every kiteboarder can use.
Only $39.89
  Nu Dolphin Waterproof MP3 Players
These are the coolest little gadget we carry.  The pictures just can't do justice to how small, compact, and simple to use the Nu Dolphin MP3 players are.  Fully waterproof and about the width and length of a finger these things are ridiculously small for how much music they can hold and the sound quality.  We have tried several other waterproof MP3s but the sound quality and durability were always lacking.  Jeff first saw these on a trip to Egypt and knew we had to get them.  Trust us, if you want to really impress somebody with a gift get one of these.  Available in  2GB and 4GB.  Includes everything needed.
Starting at $95.95

PKS Handy Dandy Self Launch Tool 
For those days when everyone else is working and you find you’re self alone at your favorite Kite Spot and no one to launch or land your kite. Now you’re no longer limited to needing someone to launch or land your kite.  It’s Simple with the PKS Handy-Dandy Self Launch Tool. Just attach the Larks head Webbing to any secure fence, post or, truck hitch.   Easy to use, super heavy duty, and a great price.
Only $18.95

PKS Kite Weight Bag 
Weight bags designed just for holding down your kite.  Using your board as a kite weight risks cutting your kite.  Instead get one of these perfectly sized weight bags and you are set.  Simply fill 3/4's of the way with sand and close with the sewn in velcro.  Bag closure doubles over to keep sand from coming out in your car or truck.  Weight with sand is about 21 lbs.
$19.99 was $24.00

O'Neill Gooru II GBS Full 4/3mm
This is the stretchiest and lightest 4/3mm suit we have ever tried and it is now on an incredible sale.   This suit has been selling so fast a few sizes are now out of stock but if it fits you would be silly not to get one.    The wetsuit of choice for O'Neills top team riders.

$129.95 was $229.95