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Snowkite Season is Here!!!
With snow fall levels starting to stack up all over the U.S. now is the time to hit the powder.  For those of you who have never tried it, below are just a few of the basics.  Anyone that knows how to kiteboard on the water and either ski or snowboard will be able to pick it up almost right away and with the ability to climp up mountains and soar through the air it really offers something different.   Remember to always ride with a friend and if you decide to venture to far away always pack an emergency kit and a good set of snowshoes.  This week we will start off with what kites work the best and follow up next week with all the accessories that make life easier. 

Snowkites: What works best?
Everyone has an opinion whether foils or inflatables are better and really it just depends on what you are looking for in a kite.  If you already have a good inflatable water kite then it is a great place to start.   Kites that have easy relaunch and are super stable such as the Slingshot Rally, F-One Bandit, and Liquid Force Envy will make things easier but really any kite will work.  If you struggle with launching or relaunching give us a shout and we can set you up a relaunch line that helps flip the kite over.  While inflatables will turn a faster, and feel more solid in the air, they can be  a pain to pump up in cold weather and powder conditions.  Foils are great because they have super a super fast setup time, pack up small, and there are no worries about a bladder leaking or getting cut on the ice.  For backcountry riding the foil is the way to go.  Kite size really depends on what conditions you are riding in and what your are trying to do but a 9m or 10m is normally going to be the most used kite size for a rider in the 170 lb. range.  Below are our favorite kites for 2011.  

2011 Ozone Manta 
In Stock Ready 2 Ship!!!
The Manta has been the snow kite of choice for the team for years now and it continues to be a favorite.  Super fast turning, lots of power when your want it, and a rock solid feeling in the air.  Not only does having a faster turning kite help for jumps, but it also can make climbing a mountain easier in lighter winds where you need to constantly loop the kite.  Even if this is going to be your first snowkite, we highly recommend the Manta.

Click Here then click the videos tab to see the Frenzy in Action
2011 Ozone Frenzy
In Stock Ready 2 Ship!!
The Frenzy is another great kite f
rom Ozone.  Featuring lots of new design changes for 2011, this looks to be the best one yet.  An increased number of cells (and reduced cell width) allow more control of the upper and lower surfaces. More cells also help reduce the amount of billowing (ballooning) of the cells, resulting in cleaner surfaces and better overall performance.


Click Here then click the videos tab to see the Frenzy in Action 
2011 HQ Montana
In Stock Ready 2 Ship!!!
The Montana VI is HQ's top of the line do anything snow kite.  If you are looking for a great snowkite at a very reasonable cost the Montana is the best way to go.  Very stable, with a fairly fast turning speed, great depower, and this kite is perfect from someone just starting out to advanced riders looking to throw some big jumps.

Click Here then click the videos tab to see the Montana in Action 

Deal of the Week:
Liquid Force Envy 10m
The Envy is super stable and easy to relaunch making it the ideal kite for riders looking to ride on the water and on the snow.  A nice all around design is perfect for riders from beginner to advanced.  This is the kite of choice for the Liquid Force Snowkite Team riders

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