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Strung Out DVD + Ocean Rodeo T-Shirt
$20 Anywhere in the U.S. Including Shipping
24 Hour Jackson Sale!!!
Why Jackson Sale?  Because you get everything for a Jackson.  For only $20.00 you will receive an Ocean Rodeo Kiteboarding T-shirt of any size, the awesome classic kiteboarding DVD that everyone should own, Strung Out, and, the real kicker is shipping is included for FREE!!! 
Strung Out DVD
Strung out is one of the classic kiteboarding DVD's that features super smooth riding from kiteboarding's godfather's.  Lou Wainman, Felix Pivec, Chuck Patterson, Elliot Leboe and more in locations all over the U.S. and Mexico.  A really nice cross section of every riding style keeps this DVD interesting.  Grab a copy and pick up a few of the really cool old  school tricks.  Unlike some other videos that focus heavily on wakestyle or wave-riding, this DVD will impress even your non-kiter friends with crazy big airs, board offs, big waves, and a few technical wakestyle moves sprinkled in.  Grab a copy and see how smooth and stylish some of the original kiters rode.
Ocean Rodeo T-Shirt
It's not the 80's anymore so your not going to impress anyone with a ripped up T-shirt.  Grab one of these cool Ocean Rodeo T-shirts for cheap and stop getting weird looks from the neighbors.  Featuring some really interesting but layed back designs you can wear anywhere.  This stylish shirt is not only comfortable but fits just right.  It has that just out of the dryer softness and feel to it, along with having a design you can wear in public.  Don't over think it, this shirt is worth every penny.
Who it's For?  Anyone that likes kiteboarding and all the fun things you can do with a kite.  Or for anyone who just likes comfy T-shirts but not kiteboarding this is still a pretty good deal.  
Who it's not For?  Anyone who likes neither kiteboarding nor T-shirts.

Just want the DVD?  Too Bad.  Just kidding. click here and grab it for $10.00
Just want a Shirt?  Click Here
  Only $20.00 was $65.50

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