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2011 Ozone Zephyr 17M
The Ozone Zephyr is such a weapon when it comes to light wind riding.  It can keep you on the water while all your friends watch from the beach.  It has incredibly easy re-launch and can actually loop as a 17m.  

  • Tight Turn Radius = great pop/fun
  • Optimized bridle with NO pulleys for direct handling
  • Easy re-launch
  • Huge Wind Range, 8 - 20 knots

2011 Airush Sector V2
The Airush Sector V2 is a modern marvel in kite boarding.  Some call it "kite sailing", because this board will sail upwind like no one would believe.  This board can save you from buying a new kite!  

  • Wider than any other kiteboard in production
  • Can be ridden in sub 10 knots
  • Adjustable foot straps
  • Great pairing with the Airush Lithium LW
  • Works well with heavier riders as well
2011 Slingshot Turbine 17M
The Slingshot Turbine is for the rider who demands performance in light wind and wants to extend their time on the water.    

  • Can be paired with twin tips for fun riding! 
  • Split Strut Design  
  • Excels in efficiency, speed, and power 
  • Works well with heavier riders as well
2011 Crazyfly Cruiser Pro
The Crazyfly Cruiser Pro is a light wind machine.  This is the absolute only twin tip to ride in light winds.  It is very well balanced medium flex for intermediate and advanced riders.  

  • Flat center and Low rocker make this board shoot upwind even when lightly powered
  • Light and thin with flexi tips, this board still JUMPS in 10 Knots!
  • Lightest and strongest wood core reinforced with nano carbon weave on entire top and bottom heel-side
  • 3.0cm G10 fins for less drag and supreme maneuverability in light winds
2011 Airush One
The Airush One is a breakthrough in kite design with the One Strut Technology.  It actually saves 25% of the overall weight of the kite, making a light wind kite that delivers performance and dependability.   

  • One Strut Technology
  • Effortless Re-Launch
  • Increible response and stability
  • Great for any experience level
  • 15m Works in winds as low as 7 knots!
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