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Belive It Or Not!
2011 Cabrinha Switchblades and Crossbows just went on sale.  We can hardly believe it too, but are stoked to offer such highly acclaimed kites to our customers at a huge discount. Both of these kites are very solid performers that work for a huge variety of riding styles and conditions.  We have a boat load of kites headed to the shop right now but at these prices they won't be around for long, so be sure and get your orders in fast. 


Get the Family Into It 
Every kiteboarder should have at least one trainer kite in their quiver.  Not only are they perfect for keeping the kids and family entertained on the beach but are an absolute blast  with a skateboard or mountain board. Every kiter at has one in the car and we pull them out all the time.

Not sure which Trainer to get?  Jeff was nice enough to take us through all the most popular trainer's we sell.
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We have every top trainer in stock Ready 2 Fly and Ready 2 Ship
Sensei Trainer Kite
The original relaunchable trainer.  2 Lines, easy to use, simple bridle, very stable.
starts at $144.95
HQ Rush IV
2 Lines, easy to use, simple bridle, and relaunchable. Smaller sizes great for kids.
starts at $119
Ozone Imp
3 Lines-most reliable relaunch. Easy, stable,  smaller sizes great for kids.
starts at $185
HQ Hydra
The only water relaunchable trainer foil.  Stable and easy to fly.  3 Lines.
starts at $265.99