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O'Neill Psychofreak 3.5mm ST Bootie 
O'Neill Psychofreak 3.5mm ST Bootie

List Price: $79.95
Price: $79.95


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Psychofreak ST Bootie:
Looking for a boot to keep your toes all nice and toasty during the cold winter without all the bulk?  Meet the all new, redesigned 2010 Psychofreak ST Boot.  The most flexible and warm cold water boot you will ever step into.  Textered sole provides just the right amount of grip, liquid seal, and the psychofreak exclusive air bubbles.  The PsychoFreak just won the SIMA wetsuit design of the year and this is the boot to go along with the suit. 
O'Neil Size Chart

 Size  Height (IN.)  Weight (LB) Chest   Waist
 2XS  5'6"-5'8"  115-130  32.5"-34.5"  27-29
 XS  5'7"-5'9"  125-140  34.5"-36.5"  28-30
 S  5'8"-5'10"  135-155  36.5"-38.5"  29-31
 ST  6'0"-6'2"  145-165  36.5"-38.5"  29-31
 M  5'9"-5'11"  150-170  38.5"-40.5"  30.5-32.5
 MT  6'1"-6'3"  160-180  38.5"-40.5"  30.5-32.5
 L  5'10"-6'0"  170-190  40.5"-42.5"  32.5-34.5
 LS  5'7"-5'9"  160-180  40.5"-42.5"  32.5-34.5
 LT  6'2"-6'4"  180-200  40.5"-42.5"  32.5-34.5
 XL  5'11"-6'1"  190-210  42.5"-44.5"  34.5-36.5
 XLS  5'8"-5'10"  180-200  42.5"-44.5"  34.5-36.5
 XLT  6'3"-6'5"  200-220  42.5"-44.5"  34.5-36.5
 2XL  6'0"-6'2"  210-230  44.5"-46.5"  36.5-38.5
 3XL  6'0"-6'2"  230-250  47"-49"  28.5-43.5

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