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Crazyfly 2012 Slash - FINAL, 45% OFF!
Crazyfly 2012 Slash - FINAL, 45% OFF!

List Price: $1,579.00
Price: $749.00


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45% OFF    SAVE HUNDREDS NOW on the LAST ONE in stock

The Slash is a very unique kite that offers overall ease of use while providing very high performance. With huge on the bar depower, every rider will feel comfortable on this kite. Slash is a five line and five strut kite with C-shape feeling. This year, Slash is equipped with one pump system.

Slash is not a pure old fashion C kite, although it has all the advantages of it. Slash can be easily and safely used by intermediate because it offers huge on the bar depower. Even though there is a vast power potential that comes with Slash, it is up to the rider to decide how much power will be unleashed and the kite is perfectly under control at all times.  Slash has super easy relaunch and the 5th line is not necessary for relaunch at all. Just pull on one of the front lines and Slash pop up to the air almost automatically. With a five line system and no bridle Slash has instant control and extremely quick reactions. Slash has huge pop, steady pull and massive kiteloops come with ease because of its speedy profile.

There are two basic set ups, freestyle and wakestyle. Freestyle set up allows higher depower, but cuts a bit of power at the high end. Wakestyle set up allows Slash to have the most power it is able to deliver, but on the other hand there is not as much depower possibility as with the freestyle set up. Once again this feature allows the rider to choose and stay in control.

As with all CrazyFly products, Slash stands for the highest standards of quality, whether it is materials, manufacture, finish quality or design.

Slash comes complete with brand new Sick bar, new kite bag, pump, safety leash and a small repair kit.

·         Modern C-shape feel

High speed turning C-kite feel with huge on the bar depower, so every rider can feel comfortable on this kite.

·         5 Strut Design

Top performance freestyle kite needs a strong construction and a firm feel for powered unhooked kiteloops.

·         5 Line System

The fifth line added some extra spice to bring the performance to the highest possible level. 5th line is not necessary for relaunch and works as a safety line.

·         Sick Bar

Brand new CrazyFly Sick bar is the first and only bar made 100% in Europe from only European materials and components. The bar itself is a full carbon monocoque tube with solid center for extremely light weight and superior strength. It features a brand new Sick click push away safety system, which can be quickly triggered as well as assembled. To check all the features of this new bar, watch the video – It's just sick!

·         One Pump System

Easy way of inflating the kite quickly with the same pressure throughout the kite.

·         Bat Trailing Edge

The Bat shape of the trailing edge minimizes flat and stretches the kite nicely all the way. Double Layer of Mark Cloth on the trailing edge ensures long life of your kite.


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