9mm Inflate Kiteboarding Valve, 1 way 9mm Inflate Kiteboarding Valve, 1 way Discounts Apply !
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Price: $11.95

The 9mm Self-Stick-Valve is a very common inflate valve used for years.  One way valve allows air to enter the kite while pumping but stops air from going out.  To release, simply squeeze valve to let air out or modify into 2 way-valve by cutting out the 1-way flap. Self-Stick-Valves will stick on any bladder material or color.  Simply peel and stick to make a fast and easy repair, or attach to a newly replaced bladder.  The specially formulated adhesive is incredibly durable making for a permanent repair.  Everything needed for installing the new valve is included in the package:  alcohol wipe and detailed instructions.

MEGA Option: The MEGA valve option refers to the size of the TEAR-AID PATCH ONLY.  MEGA patches are 4 inches in diameter as opposed to the standard valve patch which has a 3” diameter. This extra inch means 77% more adhesive base and surface area compared to the standard valve patch size. The MEGA-valve patch is necessary when the old valve is cut from the bladder or leaves a tear during removal. The additional surface area provided by the Mega valve Tear-Aid patch allows quick and easy bladder repair eliminating the need for an additional bladder patch. The Mega Valve Patch can also be used if the valve area of the bladder is warped.

If your old valve(s) cleanly peel(s) off, a larger Mega patch in most cases isn’t necessary.

If you're unsure which value is required for your replacement project, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email: or phone: 361-883-1473

Additionally, If a larger bladder patching be required, TEAR-AID patches can be found here.

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Great product

Joshua - 9/24/2016

These inflate valves are a great buy. Jeff and the team at and FIXMYKITE.COM really got it going on.
Purchasing their products is a no brainer.

Delaminates with time

Likisaurus - 3/18/2016

I've used a couple of these valves to repair my go-to kite. Both repair valves delaminated from the Tear-Aid carrier after 15-20 sessions, about 6 months while the Tear-Aid remains nicely attached to the bladder. I've noted that Jeff Howard says to not leave your kite in your vehicle, especially during the summer and I'm pretty careful about this. I think the glue used to hold the valve to the Tear-Aid carrier is simply deficient.

9mm valve

Ruby Young - 10/9/2015

I had questions about replacing the valves on my kite myself. I call the shop and talked with one of the guys. Not only did they reassure me that I could do this on my own. but give me some tricks of the trade. My repair was a success thanks to the great help!

Replaced valve

Marco - 3/11/2013

Used this valve on my Wainman main bladder. Very easy to use and works great. If you fly Wainman, you may run into valve trouble eventually. I' m packing one of these just in case.

Just like new valve

JL - 9/21/2012

This valve attaches to the bladder just like they say it will. The self adhesive makes it simple to just peel and stick. It is as easy as 1,2,3 and actually makes an old bladder just as good or even better than new.

easy istallation and works great

Rocky - 7/11/2011

Almost too easy

Jay Bush - 4/15/2011

The Fixmykite valves are almost too easy to believe. I watched the video just to confirm that it really was that simple...clean, peel, stick, go kite.

Careful pulling the backing off the new valve so you don't let the valve seat get stuck to itself. Also be careful if you have a one pump system on your struts as the one pump valve can come loose when pulling the LE bladder out to replace the inflation/dump valves. Don't ask how I know this...

Great stuff, thanks. 9mm 1 way valve.

Raymond - 11/7/2010

True I could have got the same valve from another shop however only shop personnel took the time to explain how to properly apply the valve to the bladder & why the Fixmykite valves are a superior product over other replacement- kite fix valves. After 2 previous failed attempts at fixing a leaky valve with the same product from a different shop with one fix being an at the shop fix by a supposed Kite Pro it only took just a few minutes to make a fast permanent fix!
product deserves 10 Stars!
& the same for the crew 2
Thanks again
Raymond Howard

fixmykite valves rock

Mark - 9/24/2010

got my kite fixed in less than 30 min. good price. is great on shipping and service.

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