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Excellent Product

- 9/23/2011

100 satisfaction, nice product and excellent quality

Cant Live without it

- 8/14/2010

I have had one of these for years now. It is a must for getting a quick session in after work. Also great for travel and camping. works great as a pillow or blanket. You will never catch me without this thing.

had to have one

- 8/7/2013

Ok, I was watching these guys at the park the other day with these, after years of trying to keep my towel around my waist and changing I wonder why I never did this years ago! This thing rocks! will never be with out it. Also great to see all the reinforcements they make on these as well. Well worth the it..

Changing towel is great

- 3/13/2014

I have to agree with the first review, this towel makes the getting on the water better and faster. I just unroll my handy dandy changing towel, slip over my head, get in & out of wetsuit in my own private changing room.
Roll the changing towel back up and stow it away until the next time.
Towels are nicely stitched together at the seams with a strip of nylon strap like you would find holding the struts to the main bladder of a kite: seems tough.
Towels are thick & cushy adding warmth on those cold, windy days. I can't wait to change the next time, hopefully tomorrow.
Maybe I'll just wear my changing towel all the time, feels that good.

No flash

- 12/14/2010

Borrowed one of these at the beach to use to change, and had to get one!! Thanks Jeff for letting use yours.. Great product a must have for any waterspouts person who needs to change anywhere at anytime.

No more indecent exposure charges!

- 12/22/2010

Hey, when I kite... it's generally windy and holding onto a towel isn't the easiest thing while reaching underneath to drop your shorts.

Great product!

- 7/25/2011

I was originally given one of these as a gift to use at the beach for kiting. I've since branched out and bring it to all my races to change out of my sweaty clothes and I always have people comment on how cool it is!

My only "complaint" is that the arm holes are pretty spacious so I do have to be careful not to flash people if I'm changing my top, but that's not anything I can't work around... ;)

Keeps you warm

- 1/5/2018

I surf in cold conditions. I bought this to help keep me warm when I'm changing in and out of my suit. Works well - plus all the ladies love it!

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