PKS Kook-Proof Kiteboarding Pigtail Set
PKS Kook-Proof Kiteboarding Pigtail Set

Price: $23.95

The Kook-Proof pigtail set is the perfect way to replace worn pigtails or to adapt almost any bar to a kite. They are made of spectra leader line and designed for quick and simple installation saving you money and time off the water awaiting repairs.

Set includes 8-pieces with:

  • Pre-set knots for multiple line length adjustments
  • Pull-tabs for ease of use
  • Color coded inside and outside lines
    • 2 grey loop-loop pigtails
    • 2 grey loop-3 knot pigtails
    • 2 red loop-loop pigtails
    • 2 red loop-3 knot pigtails

Ozone Pigtails (set of 4) Ozone Pigtails (set of 4)
$19.95Ozone pigtails for a 4-line kite. These replacement pigtails connect to the bridle lines coming off the kite and allow you to hook up your flying lines.PKS Universal Kiteboarding Pigtail PKS Universal Kiteboarding Pigtail
Universal pigtails are the perfect replacement for a worn pigtail or for adapting almost any kiteboarding control bar to a kiteboarding kite. These pigtails can be attached to the ends of the fly lines or directly replace existing pigtails on the kite. Universal pigtails are uniquely designed to allow for either a loop to loop or loop to knot configuration with a single pigtail.
Repair Accessories Package Repair Accessories Package

All your kite repair needs in a nice package with a nice price!

FixMyKite Fix Kit, One-pump Hose Kit, Ripstop Sail Tape, Kook-Proof Pigtails, and the TearAid 2-Pack.

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Basically, you just need these

michael peachey - 10/2/2015

Pretty straightforward. You put a 4 on your line ends and 4 on your bridle ends. Then after a year of wearing them out, you replace the pigtails because your line ends and bridle ends are pristine. Color matched (yeah, that's the kook proof bit)

This set does one kite and one bar. For your other kites, you need to get 4 of "PKS Universal Kiteboarding Pigtail." $3 each. Order the right color. They are universal, set up as either loop or knot ends.

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