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Foil kites are the perfect choice for kiting and training on the land and snow with skateboards, landboards, mountain boards, buggies, skis, and snowboards. In the last year or two, special closed-cell foils have been designed for use on the water. We carry the very best foil kites from Ozone, Flysurfer, and HQ.
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The Ozone R1 is the peak of race and foil kite performance. The R1 will have you riding faster and pointing further upwind than any kite out there. New air intakes on the leading edge allow for quicker inflation and a solid, closed-cell foil.

List Price: $3,315.00
: $1,209.00
The Ozone R1 V2 is a taking a completely new approach to high aspect foil design to once again raise the standards. The R1 V2 is packed with every ounce of new technology for more range, better handling, more stability, and better upwind and downwind ability without packing on the weight.

: Please call for pricing.
The Ozone Chrono V2 is a new shape from the 2014 Chrono, aimed at being more user-friendly and more freeride oriented. The new Chrono shape has more cells for a smoother profile, the improved air intakes from the Ozone R1, and thicker, more durable bridle lines like the Ozone snowkites.

: $1,799.00
The world leaders in Paragliding advancements bring you the Chrono, a high-performance, high-aspect, water relaunchable closed cell foil kite that will have you flying fast, cranking upwind, and boosting huge all year round in all conditions.

List Price: $2,865.00
: $1,649.00

The Ozone Access V6 is the perfect snow or land kite for entry level kiters. The low aspect design is super stable in the sky, handles gusts well, and provides consistent power. The Ozone Access comes with Ozone's new Re-Ride safety system which makes landing and flagging out the kite easier than ever.

: $1,049.00
The Ozone Frenzy V10 is an excellent all around snowkite that can handle everything from freeride to freestyle with plenty of power to spare. The Ozone Frenzy also comes with Ozone's new Re-Ride safety system which makes for easy landing and flagging out the kite.

: $1,299.00
The Ozone Summit V3 is the peak of snowkite performance, meant for fast riding, glide-y jumps, and quick mountain ascents. The Ozone Summit comes with Ozone's new Re-Ride safety system that makes for landing and flagging out the kite simple.

: $1,449.00
The story of the DIABLO is first of all a men story. When we decided to start the foil kite program it was only because we were able to collaborate with a state of the art designer and factory from the paragliding industry, namely Mr Gin SEOK SONG.

: $1,849.00
Sonic-FR - built to win! The SONIC Full Race is optimized for competition with merciless performance on all terrains (Water, Land & Snow). The sheer force of this pure racing machine, gives you speed thrills, goosebumps and more, with the kite cutting through air at angles into the wind never seen before.

: $1,699.00
The Speed4 Lotus is the most performance orientated kite that we have ever had at Flysurfer. The Speed product line has become a synonym for pure performance, ever since its introduction in 2001. A sleek and stretched out machine ensuring low-end performance, maximum upwind ability and airtime.

List Price: $3,100.00
: $1,799.00
The Flysurfer Kiteboarding R&D team always tries to give kitesports more variety. It was through allowing ourselves the room and opportunity to achieve truly innovative products that we created the first Single-Skin kite.

: $729.00
The VIRON2 DLX, Flysurfer Kiteboarding gives you the simplest introduction to the world of kiting. The easy-to-use VIRON2 DLX is an incomparable all-in-one kite that ensures maximum safety and stability - plus it has the easiest water relaunch you'll ever experience.

: $499.00
Improved control and progressive flying characteristics make the HQ Apex 5 a great choice for backcountry riding or your challenging entry into the world of powerkiting.

: $749.00
The new Matrixx II is the next logical step after the first Matrixx and sets a new standard in terms of versatility.

: $1,349.00
A new shape and air intake design increases internal pressure, making the HQ Montana 9 extremely stable for hard use in the backcountry or aggressive freestyle moves.

: $1,299.00
Straight from the start, the HQ Zeekai shows incredible potential. In the lowest of winds, the Zeekai moves with uncanny speed. It has a direct feel and fast response that provides ease of control, but this kite was designed for experts. The unique versatility of Zeekai offers stability, racing speed, lift and frightening hangtime.

: $1,999.00
The Rapace Condor is the kite that will allow you to evolve in a more light wind. The Condor is a wing for intermediate to expert riders looking for performance and versatility in both freeride and freestyle.

List Price: $1,600.00
: $599.00
The Sensei trainer kite is the first ever two line relaunchable trainer kite. Just pull on one line and the Sensei trainer kite pops off the ground and easily relaunches. The most stable & smooth trainer kite out there.

: $149.95
The Rookie is the first ever two line relaunchable trainer kite. Just pull on one line and the Rookie pops off the ground and easily relaunches.  The most stable & smooth trainer out there.

: $149.95
The Ozone Ignition trainer kite is super stable, easy to fly, and has 3 lines for drop-the-bar safety if you ever feel overpowered/uncomfortable or want to land the kite.

List Price: $190.00
: $149.95
The Ozone Ignition Trainer Kite is the best 3-line kite to get started learning kiteboarding. The 3rd line with wrist leash provides safety flagout and easy lauching and relaunch. The Ignition is great for the park, beach, or kite-skate.

: $199.95
Completely redesigned, the HQ Rush V trainer kite is in a class by itself. A new, extremely robust internal cell structure provides more durability than ever before.

: $142.49
The new HQ Rush Pro V trainer kites help you proceed to your next level quickly and safely, laying the foundation for all aspects of power kiting. Rush V Pro meets all the requirements of a real power kite with the traction applications it provides.

: $218.49
The HQ Hydra II is the latest generation of our most popular trainer kite, providing more power through the turns, and closed cell technology that allows reliable water relaunches for practice on land or in the water.

: $313.49
These kites are very easy to launch, fly, and handle. Very quick with little pull to them, a great kite for your kids to play around on. Makes a great gift for anyone looking to have some fun with a trainer kite.

List Price: $65.00
: $34.95