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The Platinum Membership will not only play for itself in usually your first order, but now a 1 year iKitesurf Pro Plan Membership ($120.00 Value) for FREE is now being offered. So don?t lose out on a year of FREE wind reports from favorite #1 real-time wind report source - iKitesurf!

Price: $80.00
Kiter's Essential Package
                                                                                  UNBELIEVABLE DISCOUNTS!

This package has everything that any kiter would need. Includes a sand anchor, compression bag, sand weight, and a self launch tool. Save $18.80 when purchasing this package.
List Price: $93.80
Price: $75.00
2015 Naish Pivot Package
Our hottest selling kite this season is now available as a complete package with everything you need to kite. The 2015 Naish Pivot emerged as the smoothest, all-around freeride/wave kite for a wide range of riders and styles this season.

Price: $1,169.00
2015 Crazyfly Sculp It Up Package
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A great package to get any kiter started. The CrazyFly Sculp is an incredibly versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. The Sculp delivers consistency in all riding disciplines.

Price: $1,199.00
2016 Crazyfly Sculp It Up Package
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Brand new 2016 gear package for any beginner or all-around rider. The 2016 CrazyFly Sculp is a versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. It delivers consistency in all riding disciplines and offers incredible wind range.

Price: $1,999.00
2016 Crazyfly Addicted to Tango Package
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The perfect package for the freestyler with brand new Crazyfly Addictfreestyle wakestyle crossover board for advanced to expert riders. The CrazyFly Tango was completely re-worked for 2016. With a brand new shape, the 2016 Crazyfly Tango moved towards high performance freeride, and wave.

Price: $2,179.00
Dakine Rob Machado Pro Traction Tail Pad
After applying the DaKine Machado Pro Traction Pad to your board, be ready to get rad. Firmly locking in your rear foot, this pad makes for easy aerials and superb board control.
List Price: $39.95
Price: $17.95
Bravo BTP 12 Electric Kite / SUP Pump
PRE-Order Now and Save Money

This Bravo BTP 12 Electric pump has been modified by Jeff Howard to work perfectly with kites. Pump all your kites and inflatable stand up paddle boards with ease.
List Price: $249.99
Price: $199.99
Ozone R1 Performance Foil Kite
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Packed with state of the art technology, the new generation of ultra high performance kite is here: the R1. The R1 was born through radical design ideas during the development of the Chrono.

Price: $1,914.00
PKS Kiteboarding Self-Launch Sand Anchor
Another true innovation in the world of kiteboarding and self reliance. This amazing Self-Launch Beach Anchor can be used to self-launch your kite with nothing around but sand.

List Price: $27.95
Price: $27.95
Ozone Chrono V2 Performance Foil Kite
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The world leaders in paragliding advancements bring you the Chrono V2, a high-performance, high-aspect, water-relaunchable, closed-cell foil kite that will have you flying fast, cranking upwind, and boosting huge all year round in all conditions.

Price: $1,729.00
Prolimit Kiteboarding Racers Jacket - 30% off
Developed with and for team riders. The protection you need when your rigging your kit, extra warmth before and after you get into the cold waters.

List Price: $175.00
Price: $119.00
2015 Ozone Catalyst Kiteboarding Kite
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The Catalyst is a confidence inspiring kite, allowing you to push your limits easily and safely. It?s a favorite across the world and our top selling model; the true do it all kite because of its versatility. The Catalyst performs equally well in all aspects of the sport, satisfying a wide variety of riders and styles.

Price: $849.00
Signal Whistle with Lanyard
Revere's Hear-Me Sea Rescue Whistle features a powerful, dual-tone signal. Design meets USCG/SOLAS specifications.
Price: $4.99
Ozone Reo V3 Surf Kite
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The Reo has been specifically designed for surfing waves with a kite. In its third version, the Reo V3 has become an iconic surf kite since first introducing this model.

Price: $1,029.00
Prolimit Hydrogen Action Kiteboarding Jacket - 30% off
Developed with our team riders. The protection when you're rigging your kite. 2 deep pockets, hood and arm seals. Mesh-skin neoprene for no windchill.

List Price: $140.00
Price: $99.00
2015 Ozone Reo Surf Kite - 20% Off
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The Reo is designed specifically for surfing waves with a kite. Since first introducing this model into our lineup in 2012, it has become an iconic surf kite.

Price: $968.00
PKS Kiteboarding Self Launch Tool
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The PKS Self Launch Tool:  We would like to introduce you to another innovative Product that most everyone can use! This little Tool is what every KiteBoarder needs in their arsenal. For those days when everyone else is working and you find you’re self alone at your favorite Kite Spot and no one to launch or land your kite. Now you’re no longer limited to needing someone to launch or land your kite.
It’s Simple with the PKS Handy-Dandy Self Launch Tool!!

Price: $18.95
Ozone Edge V8 Freeride / Race Kite
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The Edge has a pedigree unsurpassed by any other performance kite to date, now in its 8th version since first introducing this model. The Edge has consistently proven its free ride performance, big air capabilities and taken riders to the top of race podiums around the world.

Price: $1,224.00
2014 Ozone Edge Kiteboarding Kite - 30% Off
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The newest Edge design remains the fast, powerful, and comfortable ride that is known and loved.

Price: $903.00
2015 Ozone Zephyr 17m Lightwind Kite
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The Zephyr was a ground breaking kite and without doubt it was the first light wind specific kite on the market that delivered both performance and handling, the likes of which had never been seen before on such a big kite. Other brands witnessed the success of the Zephyr and followed with light wind specific kites but the Zephyr remains the benchmark.

Price: $1,799.00
2015 Ozone C4 Freestyle / Wakestyle Kite - 20% Off
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The 2015 C4 fulfills top Freestyle and Wakestyle riders needs, while maintaining ease of use and controllability for all conditions.

List Price: $2,200.00
Price: $1,296.00
NPX Vamp 5/4/3mm GBL Kiteboarding Wetsuit 2012 Size 10 - 1 Left
Hello, Sailor. Introducing Cult’s twisted sister, the all new NPX Vamp. Modest by cost but not by nature, Vamp is all out action and attraction in a svelte black one piece.

List Price: $235.00
Price: $149.00
Custom Ozone Kiteboarding Kite
A custom kite with your own logo is a very powerful thing. People are drawn to watch things in flight, and your kite will work hard for you every time it flies, advertising your business or product with every second of flight or on the beach.
Price: Please Call for pricing.

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