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HQ Hydra II Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Trainer Kite
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Hydra II is the latest generation of our most popular trainer kite, providing more power through the turns, and closed cell technology that allows reliable water relaunches for practice on land or in the water.

List Price: $294.99
Price: $284.99
HQ Rush IV Kiteboarding Trainer Kite
The Rush IV is the ideal kite for entry into power-kite flying.  Flown on two lines, this foil remains easily controllable and does not overstrain the pilot if he/she wants with his first flying attempts in moderate winds.

List Price: $199.99
Price: $132.99
HQ Rush IV PRO Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

The all new HQ Rush Pro has been designed for even more performance. Accompanied with a third line, the Rush Pro makes getting into the sport of power kiting even more safer and easier to relaunch your kite.

List Price: $259.99
Price: $208.99
Ozone DP Squirt Kiteboarding Kite
These 2 line kites are made in the Ozone factory and thus you can rely on the high quality of materials and workmanship associated with all Ozone products.

List Price: $65.00
Price: $34.95
Airush Supra Inflatable Kiteboarding Trainer Kite 2M
The Supra Trainer Inflatable kite allows you to learn to fly with ease under a no-nonsense kite that sets the stage for hours of fun. With a new look and new name, the Trainer Inflatable joins the Supra line of trainer kites and introduces a better way to learn to fly.

Price: $299.99
PKS Kiteboarding Trainer Kite Wrist Leash

A Sensei Trainer Wrist Leash is the easiest way to avoid damaging a trainer while keeping it securely attached to your wrist.  High-strength webbing and bungee are attached to 1200 lbs.-test end-loops, and are secured around the user's wrist by a 2" velcro cuff.

Price: $16.95
Kiteboarding Trainer Kite Line Set : Sensei 200 lbs.
Sensei Trainer kite lines are 20 Meters long, 200 lbs. Prestretched Spectra with sleeved and sewn loops on both ends.  The trainer line sets come in a Set of 2 lines, with color-coded loops on the ends, and are 20 Meters long.
List Price: $29.95
Price: $29.95
Liquid Force Kiteboarding Trainer Kite Line Set
Liquid Force Trainer Line Set.  Prestretched Spectra with sleeved and sewn loops on both ends
List Price: $29.95
Price: $19.95
PKS Kiteboarding Trainer Kite Line Set, 200 lbs.
PKS Trainer Kite Lines fly above the rest.  PKS trainer lines are 200 lbs. blue lines for high-visibility, and made from Pre-stretched Spectra to several lengths to fit your Custom needs.  Stitched loops on both ends ensure easy larkshead connection to any trainer kite brand out there.  

List Price: $29.95
Price: $24.95
DEMO Ozone Ignition 2.0 Kiteboarding Trainer Kite
USED 3 Line trainer Kite
Price: $180.00
DEMO 2014 Ozone Catalyst Kiteboarding Kite, Custom 8m and 10m Compete
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Be noticed on the beach with these custom-made Catalysts with colors that pop. Both kites are in great shape. The 10m has light/moderate use and one small 1" sail repair. The 8m is practically new and was only flown a couple times. Both kites come complete with bar and lines, no leashes or pumps.
List Price: $3,600.00
Price: $2,499.00
Big Boston Inflate/Deflate Valve Pump Adapter
Big Boston inflate/deflate pump adapter works with Ozone, Airush, and Naish kites
Price: $4.95
Demo 2014 Cabrinha Switchblade Kiteboarding Kite 9m Complete
Demo Kites In Good Shape
List Price: $1,929.00
Price: $1,275.00
Demo 2014 Cabrinha Switchblade Kiteboarding Kite 12m Complete
Demo Kites In Good Shape
List Price: $2,109.00
Price: $1,350.00
Crazyfly 2014 Cruze 15m Kiteboarding Kite Demo Complete
2014 Crazyfly Cruze 15M DEMO is lightly used and in great shape. Complete comes with kite, bag, bar, lines, leash, and pump.  Kite Only comes with Kite and Bag only.

Crazyfly Cruze, the new big boys for our 2014 kite range, are the dedicated light wind kites. Despite the larger size, the Crazyfly Cruze has only five struts. On the one hand, this makes it very light weight for excellent performance in lower winds.
Price: $1,365.00
Demo Airush Slayer Kiteboarding Surfboard 54cm
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Shop demo board is in good condition and was only used a handful of times. A couple superficial dings/scratches on the top of the board.

List Price: $1,099.00
Price: $799.00
Demo 2014 Airush Cypher 5'8
Surf board is in great shape and only used for our shop demo event. No dents, dings, or scratches

List Price: $1,309.00
Price: $999.00
Demo 2014 Airush Lithium Zero 18m Kiteboarding Kite, Complete
Demo in good shape
List Price: $1,989.00
Price: $1,299.00
2014 Airush Lithium Zero 18m Kiteboarding Kite, Complete 25% OFF
Demo in good shape
List Price: $1,989.00
Price: $1,499.00
Demo 2014 Airush Varial X 10m Kiteboarding Kite, Complete
Demo Kite In Great Shape
List Price: $1,819.00
Price: $1,100.00
Demo 2015 Airush Monaro Slalom 58 Kiteboarding Race Board 190 x 58cm
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Demo board in perfect shape used only a couple times and no scratches, dents, or dings. Comes complete with 4 race footstraps and 3 fins.

List Price: $1,889.00
Price: $1,499.00
USED 2010 Slingshot Octane 7m Kiteboarding Kite Complete
Previous1 of 3Next
Kite is in good shape with no repairs. Little use. Comes complete with bar and lines, no leash or pump
Price: $400.00
Demo 2014 Slingshot Rally Kiteboaridng 9m Kite Complete
Demo kite is in like new shape and only used 2 times by our shop riders. Kite comes complete with bar, bag, leash, and pump.
Price: $1,125.00
USED Flysurfer Speed 3 Deluxe 21M Kiteboarding Kite, Complete
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USED Flysurfer Speed 3 Deluxe 21M Complete
Price: $1,999.00

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