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Ocean Australia Kiteboarding Water Shades
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Australia water shades are surf polarized sunglasses designed by Ocean for the water lovers.  Ocean has developed these surf polarized sunglasses focusing on the most extreme conditions.  They have ATOM system polarized lenses which reduce the harmful effects of the suns rays reflecting on the water.  The glasses do float thanks to the frames.  Additional float included for added protection. 
Ocean Cumbuco Kiteboarding Water Shades - NEW
In Stock: 9993

Designed to offer style and functionality. The CUMBUCO by OCEAN Sunglasses has everything that any water sports lover would wish for; Polarized lens with ATOM system which provides safety. Coating-water repellent and Anti-impact protection.  Features a polycarbonate material for a light yet durable product.

Ocean Cumbuco Kiteboarding Water Shades
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The Ocean Cumbuco comes with a removable Adjustable Elastic Strap to keep them on.  Non-slip rubber tip arms and nose pads keep these glasses nice and comfy.  Wear them as normal sunglasses when you want.  Unlike most of the other bulky designs out there these water glasses have a low profile fit that look great anywhere.
List Price: $50.00
Ocean Shades Protective Hard Case
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Ocean Shades Protective Hard Case keeps you glasses clean and scratch free!
Ocean Shades Soft Pouch
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Ocean Shades Soft Pouch keeps you glasses clean, scratch free, and doubles as a cleaning cloth.