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This used Ozone 2016 Zephyr V4 is in great shape, very little use, and still crispy. Kite comes complete with Slingshot Direct Drive Bar
List Price: $2,000.00
: $1,299.00
A MUST have!  The Mystic World Tour Golf Bag will handle all your traveling needs! Lots of additional features to ensure easy and comfortable traveling.  Compression straps on each side of the bag, heavy duty zipper with two pulls for zipping from either side, and carry handles at each end

List Price: $220.00
: $145.00

Kite is in great shape with very little usage. One small 1" cut in the canopy. Kite complete comes with kite, bag, bar, and lines; no leash or pump.

Exploding onto the scene in 2010 with a bridled pulley less C style kite was something new for Ozone, and the C4 has certainly made its mark stoking freeriders and freestylers alike.

List Price: $1,720.00
: $999.00

Demo kite is in great shape and barely used. One professional sail repair on the underside of the kite near the re-ride system. Kite only comes with kite and compression bag; no bar, lines, leash, or technical backpack.

List Price: $825.00
: $599.00

Demo kite is in great shape and practically brand new. Kite has only been flown a handful of times.  No repairs or damage. Comes kite only with bag and the option to add a new bar, lines, leash, and pump.

List Price: $1,369.00
: $1,019.00

Kite is in good shape with no repairs. Kite only includes kite and bag. Option to add a brand new bar/lines/leash and pump.

List Price: $1,660.00
: $649.00
The Ozone Ignition Trainer Kite is the best 3-line kite to get started learning kiteboarding. The 3rd line with wrist leash provides safety flagout and easy lauching and relaunch. The Ignition is great for the park, beach, or kite-skate.
List Price: $240.00
: $214.00
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