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2015 Crazyfly Strapless Kiteboarding Surfboard
Completely new for 2015, the CrazyFly Strapless is designed for newschool freestyle strapless tricks, small waves and light wind conditions, and was developed with one of the best strapless riders worldwide, Petr "Pechi" Pechacek. The Strapless has a wide outline with the most volume in our range, yet it is also the lightest. The volume, flatter rocker and thruster set up get this board moving early even in light wind conditions

Price: $849.00
2014 Crazyfly Taurin Kiteboarding Surfboard 5'8
35% OFF!  Fast Speed, easy Upwind, and Great control.  SHOP FAVORITE.
The Taurin 5’8” is designed for small to medium waves and is also a fun board to play with on lighter wind days. With a swallow tail and narrow nose shape, the Taurin sits firmly in its course and allows the rider to easily engage a lot of rail and carves extremely well.

List Price: $849.00
Price: $499.00
Naish Kiteboarding Sliding Stopper
Naish smart loop stopper, slide the stopper down so that you can rest your bar against it, or for un spinning of your bar. This is a replacement depower line stopper for the Naish Shift and Universal 2009, 2010 and 2011 bars.
Price: $9.99
Naish Kiteboarding Sliding Stopper 2012 (white)
Naish smart loop stopper, slide the stopper down so that you can rest your bar against it, or for un spinning of your bar.
This is a replacement depower line stopper for the Naish Shift and Universal bars.
Price: $9.99
Slingshot Kiteboarding Depower Handle

Slingshot Depower Handle for use on Slingshot depower line. 

Price: $7.00
2013 Crazyfly Thunder 6'2
LAST ONE!  Thunder is designed for big powerful waves. With round tail and thruster fins, this board has amazing control. If you want to ride with tons of power in high speed turns with your board under control, then Thunder is the only choice. SLIGHT RAIL DING, can easily be fixed by your local shaper.

List Price: $829.00
Price: $349.00
2014 Crazyfly Thunder Kiteboarding Surfboard 6'2
35% OFF!    Want Long fast lines on big waves?  Look no further.
The Thunder is designed for bigger and more powerful waves. It has a rounder tail and a thruster fin set up, and the board offers amazing control when the surf gets a bit bigger and in cross-off conditions.
List Price: $849.00
Price: $549.00
Slingshot Kiteboarding Power Ball
Slingshot stopper ball that uses an alan key to tighten onto your center lines.
List Price: $15.00
Price: $6.99
Active Stopper Ball by Slingshot (2009 OR OLDER KITES ONLY)
Slingshot's active stopper ball for models older then 2009.  can be easily moved up and down the chicken loop rope while riding.  This allows you to take pressure off your arms and easily adjust it to suite the wind speed. 


List Price: $35.00
Price: $9.99
2015 Slingshot  Asylum Kiteboarding Twintip Board
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The Asylum returns for 2015 as a top choice of elite pros and everyday core riders. The board’s unique blend of precision laser cut channels and aggressive rocker allows any riding style to excel. Features for 2015 include the industry’s only Atomic Wood Core with laser cut channels

Price: $599.00
2015 Slingshot Widow Maker 140cm
The Widowmaker was born out of endless prototyping and our own state of the art manufacturing facility. With our industry first construction techniques this board is the brainchild of forward thinking and innovation.
Price: $1,249.00
2015 Slingshot Vision Kiteboarding Twin Tip Board
The Vision returns for 2015 supercharged with new features like our super tough DURA-base to make it the ultimate freestyle kiteboard. We’ve stiffened the Vision’s flex pattern to increase pop and soften landings.

Price: $599.00
2015 Slingshot Super Grom Kiteboard
The Super Grom is officially a hit, and with good reason! The sky is the limit for groms these days, which is why we built them a high performance board with flex technology and other great features to take their riding to the next level.

Price: $499.00
2015 Slingshot Celeritas Kiteboarding Surfboard
The 2015 Celeritas continues to deliver controlled progressive performance year after year. The combination of its short “trunk” style, aggressive concave, curvy outline and simple thumb tail makes the Celeritas one of the most versatile shapes in the industry.

Price: $499.00
2015 Slingshot Tyrant 6'0
The new 2015 Tyrant is the contemporary refined all around surfboard for everyday use. The new rounded thumb tail and deep single to double concave delivers a stable board with incredible performance in any size surf. The tri-fin setup offers plenty of drive and great release off the wave to keep experienced kitesurfers ripping, while being forgiving enough for first-time surfboard riders.

Price: $499.00
2015 Slingshot Screamer Kiteboarding Surfboard
The new 2015 Screamer features a parallel outline that reduces drag and increases water speed to get more upwind performance in all surf conditions, without jeopardizing stability. The single concave and “pull-in” thumb tail allows the board to handle more speed while the truncated nose design significantly reduces swing weight making airs spin and flip tricks easier than any other board

Price: $499.00
2015 Slingshot Angry Swallow Kiteboarding Surfboard
The 2015 Angry Swallow is proven to be the most unique surfboard shape in kiteboarding. The T-Rex design with a truncated nose significantly reduces swing weight while still providing a central control point on the board — making airs, spins and flip tricks easier than any other board. The parallel outline reduces drag and increases water speed to get more upwind performance without jeopardizing stability.

Price: $499.00
2015 Slingshot Alien Twister FX Kiteboarding 4'8
Inspired by the Ankle Biter and the T-Rex surfboard, the all new Alien Twister is undoubtedly the most progressive shape yet. Its short length enables it to fit perfectly into the pocket while the concave deck provides a skateboard feel, giving you more control and maneuverability.

Price: $399.00
2015 Cabrinha XCaliber SIG Kiteboarding Twintip Board
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Designed together with PKRA star, Alberto Rondina, the Cabrinha XCaliber Signature 2015 model is designed to provide quick bursts of speed, incredible pop, and the upwind ability to keep your performance right in the box.

Price: $919.00
2014 Cabrinha XCaliber 135x41cm Twintip Kiteboard Complete
The 2014 Cabrinha XCaliber has features that make it a podium-proven competition freestyle board. The XCaliber features a low rocker line and a tip to tail bottom shape. These are just two of the many features that propelled Alby Rondina to the podium on the PKRA World Tour time after time.  COMPLETE w/2014 H1 BINDINGS size REGULAR.
List Price: $811.00
Price: $545.00
2015 Cabrinha Custom Kiteboarding Twintip Board
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If your brand of riding leans toward throwing wakestyle tricks on the flats, the Custom would do you right. The Custom is a refined ride from many years of development in the wakestyle arena. The result is a board with pure wakestyle performance and surprisingly great upwind ability.

Price: $649.00
2015 Cabrinha Tronic Kiteboarding Twintip Board
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The Tronic is a performance freeride model with a shape and build that allows a rider the ability to crossover and experiment in any and all types of riding including hucking huge lofty airs.

Price: $649.00
2015 Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboarding Twintip Board
The Stylus is made to perform in the fickle conditions known as threshold winds. The flat rocker line and extra wide outline make the most of these less than ideal wind conditions.

Price: $669.00
2015 Cabrinha Spectrum Kiteboarding Twintip Board
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The Spectrum is a freestyle/freeride model which means that it has a wide range of performance in a wide range of conditions. The Spectrum is a progression model which means that it has the ability to keep up with your riding level as you progress.

Price: $639.00

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