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Ozone 2014 C4 Custom Color Kite
The Ozone C4 is all about making new school freestyle accessible and fun. It is designed with no compromises, fulfilling top freestylers needs, whilst maintaining an easy to ride feel keeping the rider comfortable in all conditions.

Price: $1,379.00
Ozone Fixed Bridle Bar 54cm - 4-Line
Ozone Bar with Megatron Chickenloop for use with any 4-line fixed-bridle kite.

Price: $119.95
Ozone 2012-2013 Contact Snow Control Bar
The Contact-Snow Control System has been simplified and re-designed offering the latest in safety features, a clean control bar design and an easy-to-use trimming system. The system exceeds all Kitesurf/Snowkiting loading and release EU NORM safety standards.

Price: $259.00
Custom Ozone Kite
A custom kite with your own logo is a very powerful thing. People are drawn to watch things in flight, and your kite will work hard for you every time it flies, advertising your business or product with every second of flight or on the beach.
Price: Please Call for pricing.
Ozone Clamcleat
The most trusted cleat in Kiteboarding
Price: $27.00
Ozone Zephyr Kite Package 17m
The Zephyr was a ground breaking kite and without doubt it was the first light wind specific kite on the market that delivered both performance and handling, the likes of which had never been seen before on such a big kite. Other brands witnessed the success of the Zephyr and followed with light wind specific kites but the Zephyr remains the benchmark.

Price: $3,099.00
Demo 2013 Ozone C4 10m Blue Complete
Kite is good shape, very little total use on this. No damage and very little wear as it was rarely used.
Kite with Bar/Lines: Includes Kite, Kite Bag, Bar/Lines. No Pump
List Price: $1,849.00
Price: $1,149.00
Ozone Handles

Price: $36.00
Ozone 2013 Catalyst 35% Off
When it comes to all-round performance the new Ozone Catalyst delivers in every category. Designing a kite as versatile as the Catalyst is no easy task; it has taken the design team over a year of testing and fine tuning to bring you...

Price: $487.00
Ozone Turbo Bar 54cm - Fixed Bridle Pulley Bar
·          The all new Ozone Turbo Bar is designed to work with any 4 Line fixed bridle kite. Normally fixed bridle line kites lose their agility on a standard bar that are typically flown on 4-Line Handles. The Turbo Bar works in perfect harmony and gives the rider full dynamic control. The turning speed increases radically while you’re also able to pull or release the brakes (pull bar in or push away) to work in better harmony with the kite.
·          Ideal for landboarders, snowkiters and buggiers who love both speed and control and already own a fixed bridle kite.  Freestyle buggiers and landboarders love the Turbo bar as the increase in turning velocity gives finger-tip control.
·          Supercharge your 4 Line Fix bridle line kite with the Ozone Turbo Bar!

Price: $199.95
Ozone 2013 C4 Kite 40% Off
The new C4 has been completely redesigned with progressive newschool & free riders in mind. At the heart of the C4 is an all new generated arc offering a more C-kite feel, without compromising the easy de-power and simple relaunch characteristics of past C4 generations.

Price: $683.00
Ozone Uno Inflatable Trainer Kite
Ozone set out to design a simple, affordable and robust inflatable depower trainer. The Uno is a unique design, with only one strut it is an ideal kitesurf trainer for schools, operating and functioning the same as a larger inflatable water kite.

Price: $331.00
Ozone 2013 Ignition 3-Line Trainer with Bar
The IGNITION Kiteboard Trainer Kite is the ultimate kite to enter the sport of kiting safely. It is available in 1.6m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m sizes. Designed to bring out the kiter within everyone, the IGNITION trainer kite is responsive...

Price: $189.95
Ozone 2013 Quattro 4-Line Trainer Kite with Handles
The QUATTRO 4-LINE offers complete freedom and independence for the novice who wants to progress quickly into land based power kite sports. It is the ultimate kite for anyone starting out who is also looking at getting into larger power kites later on.

Price: $169.95
Ozone 2013 Imp 2-Line Trainer with straps
The IMP 2-line is a family oriented kite, designed with simplicity in mind for easy set up and pack away for all ages.Exciting and playful in the sky, this is a kite that should come with an addiction warning! The IMP 2-line guarantees fun for all ages in the park or down at the beach.

Price: $94.95
Ozone Imp 1m 2-Line Trainer Kite With Wrist Straps

Designed to bring out the kitesurfer within all of us the Trainer is responsive, smooth and stable with just enough power to ensure you will be ready to progress to the next level.

List Price: $140.00
Price: $74.95
Ozone 2012 Frenzy 5m Blue Complete DEMO
Kite is in good shape with no repairs. Comes complete with kite, bag, bar, and lines. No leash or repair pack

The Frenzy incorporates secret technologies from Ozone’s world leading paraglider designs, as well as a new bridal plan design giving the rider a 100% flag out option. We still recommend that you land using the webbing brake handle to cleanly stall your kite.
Price: $649.00
Used 2011 Ozone C4 10m Complete
Kite has extensive use, with several Leading Edge and Sail repairs. Kite comes complete with bar/lines. No Leash and no pump.
List Price: $1,899.00
Price: $499.00
Ozone 2013 Octane Kite

The OCTANE is Ozone’s answer for an easy introduction into performance power kiting, perfectly suited for novice through to seasoned kite flyers. It’s smooth flying characteristics and constant pull speeds your kiting progression with no compromise.

Price: $195.00
Used 2012 Ozone Catalyst 10m Complete

This kite has very minimal use on it. It has been repaired in a few very small spot, and all repairs were done professionally by All repairs are gaurunteed for the life of the kite. This kite is very close to brand new, material is still crispsy.
This kite comes with kite bag, bar/lines, no pump.

List Price: $1,699.00
Price: $799.00
Used 2012 Ozone Catalyst 12m Complete
This kite has only been used for one season. Minimal use and minimal wear on this kite as it was more of a quiver building size than an everyday size. This kite comes with kite bag, bar/lines. No Pump.
List Price: $1,799.00
Price: $999.00
Ozone 2013 Method  Kite

“What I wanted to do was make a kite that has the speed of a high performance kite, the stability of a beginner kite and handles like a sports car."

Price: $450.00
Ozone 2012 Zephyr Used Complete
2012 Ozone Zephyr Used Complete. Includes Kite, Bag, Bar, and Pump. In good condition. Has several repairs professionally done by and the repair is guaranteed for the life of the kite. The repairs include leading edge and sail repairs. You Ride?..They Watch You Laugh??. They Cry..... The Largest Wind Range Ever!!!! Ozone?s Lightwind specific kiteboarding kite is designed with a high performance profile and a focus on weight saving. The Zephyr kiteboarding kite delivers the same superior handling, power, feel and control as you have come to expect from Ozone.
Price: $1,499.00
Ozone Kitesurf Board Bag 145 x 45 cm
This high quality durable bag will hold 2 boards and 2-3 kites with plenty of space for your bars and lines, harness, pump, wetsuit and travel clothes. There is a separate double padded section which will keep your board locked in...

List Price: $199.99
Price: $199.00

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