Core XR7

Core XR7 - High Performance Freeride+ Kite What is High performance freeride+? It is a kite that excells in big air, freestyle, and wave riding. About the XR7: Earn your wings with the XR7's precise flight control and new lighter build. After six years, our signature canopy material receives a major upgrade. Coretex 2.0 now features massively improved tear resistance in both directions, slight weight savings, and a new emulsion that improves flight, durability, and longevity. New exotex light struts, iterational shape, and bridle improvements have our research and development team telling us the XR7 is more turny and playful than ever. That's what we like to hear from our universal series big air kite. So what's stopping you from grabbing an XR7, Sensor Bar 3, and fusion 5 twintip for some incredible sessions?