Crazyfly Infinity- Foil / Freeride Kite - 40% Off

2021 Crazyfly Infinity - Foil/Freeride Kite for an endless ride The new 2021 Infinity is a two strut lightweight kite for foiling, surf and light wind freeriding. It is at home in underpowered conditions with incredible low end performance, unmatched stability and great drift. The brand new Delta Bow shape makes the Infinity very predictable and easy to fly with gradual power delivery and smooth turning. The Delta Bow shape also offers a lot of hangtime for foil freestyle. The Infinity has great stability in underpowered conditions and in the edge of the wind window. It flies forward in the window with upwind ability of a race kite. With a new eight point fixed bridle, the Infinity has very light bar pressure and plenty of on the bar depower. It handles gusts extremely well without too much yank on the bar. The Infinity is a treat for downwinders and downwind loops. Lightweight two strut construction offers the best of both worlds, as the Infinity is very close to weights of one strut kites, but offers stability, performance, and relaunch of a two strut kite. The Infinity is a perfect kite for spending more time on the water and putting smiles on faces. The 2021 Infinity ? Endless ride.