2023 Crazyfly Raptor Extreme - Demo 138x42 - Complete - in Excellent Condition

Crazyfly 2023 Raptor Extreme - High Performance Freeride / Big Air - Demo 138x42cm - Complete With Bindings Your Ticket To The Moon The Raptor Extreme immediately became our best selling board which proves it is absolutely top class. Designed and developed with Big Air World Champion Posito Martinez, the Raptor Extreme is a true big air weapon. It is based on the legendary Raptor shape, but the Extreme version is specifically built and shaped for big air and to withhold hard landings from high jumps, even with wake bindings. While the Raptor Extreme has a super tough construction, the weight remains very low thanks to a full carbon layup. One of the main design goals was to have as much pop as possible and did we exceed our expectations. It literally launches to the Moon. The Raptor Extreme has a more squared  outline where we maximised the area of the tips for better load?n? pop. The shape features an edge control track on the bottom for added grip and a subtle center Vee for more speed under control. Brand new high modulus Quadraxial Carbon layup used exclusively on the Raptor Extreme, ensures extreme strength and higher heel to toe stiffness for increased pop with more flex along the length of the board for added comfort.