2023 Crazyfly Sculp - Freerisde Allround Kite - 25% Off

Crazyfly 2023 Sculp - FREERIDE/FREESTYLE/FOIL The new 2023 Sculp is a do-it-all kite with a sporty feel. It is a true allround performer across multiple disciplines. Whether you like old school, freestyle, kite loops, big air, or foiling, the new Sculp will deliver. The Sculp is a Hybrid Delta Bow shape. This shape takes advantage of both Delta and Bow and results in the most versatile and easy to use kite we ever made. From great hangtime to amazing kite loops to unhooked pop and slack with pivotal turning, this shape is a true do-it-all platform. This year, the Sculp has been fine tuned to work best with the new Savvy bar. The bridle is completely new resulting in lighter bar pressure, more stability and faster turning. The new bridle features two additional attachment points to the leading edge on each side of the kite. The first added line on the leading edge near the wingtip is mostly active during relaunches and the kite virtually wants to fly up by itself in the edge of the window. The second line is attached to the steering flying line and creates another attachment point on the wingtip of the leading edge. This further supports the wingtip structure, so the kite is more stable in gusty conditions and when overpowered. This line also offers two settings of the kite: soft and hard. Selecting the soft setting knot, the Sculp has less bar pressure, turns slower and is more forgiving. On the hard setting knot, the bar pressure increases, the kite is more reactive, feels sportier and turns faster.