2020 Crazyfly Hyper Big Air Kite

2020 Crazyfly Hyper Big Air Kite Elevating sensation. HIGH PERFORMANCE FREERIDE/BIG AIR. Big Air Boosting, from zero to hero High aspect, no respect Go big or go home Kiteboarding.com review of the Crazyfly Hyper Big Air Kite: As the winner of Boosting / Big Air Kite catagory of The Kite Mag's Ultimate Test, the Crazyfly Hyper is an obvious choice for anyone looking for a big air or huge boosting kite. With a 3 year warranty, the Hyper also boosts above and beyond any other manufacturers warranty length and only makes us feel better about chooseing the Hyper. The Hyper flies as you would expect for a big air kite, it flies forward inthe wind window allowing you to build great speed and upwind distance, and when you send the kite for a jump, it send you up an escelator, and lets you down gently.