2023 Duotone Mono Freeride / Foil Single Strut Kite - 50% Off!

2020 Duotone Mono Freeride / Foil Single Strut Kite New for this year is the use of lightweight Dacron material and redesigned construction details for a maximum reduction in the overall weight. These materials enhance the handling of the kite in ways never thought possible. While the overall design approach has not changed, we still design to be the best, the kite is very different to last years model. The lower weight ensures unparalleled drifting capability, a much more dynamic handling feel, a mythical ability to stay in the air in the lulls and an improved power delivery from a faster upstroke. Finally, the relaunch of the kite is much easier too; it's so light that the slightest of puffs of wind will see it rising back into the sky. If you want a light kite for travelling, this is it, if you want a dynamic kite with an incredible low end for foiling, step right up, if you are just starting your kiting journey and want an easy to fly, forgiving kite, look no further. If wave riding sets your heart on fire, the Duotone Mono will happily stoke the flames especially in light winds, or perhaps freeride is your game, you'll enjoy the constant pull and smooth power delivery. The Mono may be defined as a one-strut kite, but it is so much more than that, take one for a spin and find out what it is all about! WHAT'S NEW: Improved drift and turning abilities Improved power due to a quicker upstroke Better ability to hover in lulls Super easy, improved auto relaunch