2020 Duotone Spike Textreme Twintip Kiteboard - Freeride/Lightwind - 153 x 46.5cm

2020 Duotone Spike Textreme - High Performance Freeride / Lightwind Sizes: 153x46.5 The Spike Textreme takes the fantastic shape of the Spike 153 and adds the incredible performance of Textreme carbon. This makes the board considerably lighter, while also adding a snappier feel to an already dynamic ride. The feeling is of a precision tool, crisp and sharp, it reacts to every input from the rider in an instant. The reduced weight helps the board onto the plane even earlier than the standard version of the board, and it also increases the speed. To ensure total control at all times the new Space Flex Tips have been added, these allow you to manage the speed easily while also helping the board track through choppy water. The stiffer flex pattern, from the Textreme carbon, makes this one of the best light wind boards for pop. Explosive take offs are waiting for you as soon as engage and release the edge! If you want the ultimate light wind twin tip for pulling moves and throwing down the freestyle, the Spike Textreme has you covered!