Eleveight Process V3 Performance Freeride Twintip - Complete

Eleveight Process v3 Performance Freeride Twin Tip PERFORMANCE FEATURES: Twin tip for highest freeride performance Lightweight paulownia wood core with well-balanced flex pattern 50mm Carbon Stringer reinforcement for smooth landings and superior carving Optimized rocker line for early planing and dashing speed Progressive channel design provides superb grip and control Implementation of snowboard tech for highest performance and durability Ultra-durable top sheet with UV resistance High-quality pads and straps and 45 mm G10 fins come included DESIGN VISION: The Process is our performance freeride board bulging with innovative technologies and smart features that make all conditions enjoyable, and enjoyable conditions incredible. Light wind? The Process starts planing with the slightest power input. Chop and hard landings? The Process cushions them, delivering the a very smooth and comfortable ride. Eleveight's chief board designer Franz Schitzhofer tailored the board to the needs of freeriders that require one board for any condition, who want to jump big and ride for hours upon hours. Hence he came up with a design that protects the legs from strain while providing performance characteristics known from pro-freestyle boards. To achieve this, he developed a cutting-edge 3D shape profile. It is based on a Paulownia wood core that is blended with 50 mm of carbon reinforcements, strengthened by a special and proprietary Carbon fusion process. This generates a well-balanced, impact-absorbent flex pattern that is comfortable on you and old knees. Smooth 3D channels at the tips of the board combined with box rails offer incredible grip and control without generating water drag. The board is easy to handle but also very dynamic and responsive. A harmonized rocker line for early planing allows to start riding in a light breeze, reach dashing speeds or travel upwind in ease. The Process jumps exceptional well, making it a favorite for hangtime addicts who want to go big. We equipped the board with the strongest inserts on the market that are commonly used in snowboard construction. The top sheet is ultra durable and UV resistant, ensuring that the board will last for years. It comes with feather-light pads and straps that transfer board feedback to the rider and enhance control. 45 mm G10 fins, the best on the market, are also included. This board is the perfect choice for anyone seeking carefree, easily accessible performance. The Process is always fun, no matter the conditions. Design Features: Rocker: Medium 3 stage rocker Great pop and release Early planing and great upwind ability Flex: Enhanced and Optimized flex patterns for each size Well balanced between comfort and performance Harder Reverse flex for better carving and landing with speed Outline: Elliptic outline with rounded tips for great carving Less water splash Outstanding carving ability Box rails for better grip and durability Bottom Shap: Single concave with tip cannels Railsteps for more grip Less drag for early planing Construction: Eleveight boards are built with dedication, experience and are constructed from the highest quality materials. Each board is shaped to perfection for highest performance and lasting durability. All boards are made in Europe by very dedicated team members with a focus on making every board perfect. A-GRADE PAULOWNIA WOOD CORE: This light weight wood comes with the flex you need. It is the perfect foundation for a great board. HEAVY DUTY INSERTS: We'll admit it, we copied these inserts from the snowboard industry so you can shred the board with boots. Inserts don't get stronger than this. UV RESISTANT TOP BASE: To ensure that your board will keep its good look, it comes with a UV resistant top base BIAX LAMINAT: The high quality fibres of our biax laminat contribute to the flex pattern and amazing pop characteristics. CARBON REINFORCEMENTS: To achieve the optimal balance between comfort and performance, we use 50 mm carbon stripe to reinforce areas of high stress. ABS RAILS: The box rails deliver an outstanding grip while protecting the board from wear and tear. G10 FINS: These high quality epoxy fins deliver the stiffness you need to always stay in control. ERGONOMIC DESIGNED PADS AND STRAPS: These pads cling to your feet, providing a maximum of control. Furthermore they are most comfortable, cushioning bumpy rides and hard landings DESIGNER QUOTE: The Process ? concentrate on what really counts in kiting ? FUN!