Flysurfer Soul 2 - All Around Performance Foil Kite

Flysurfer Soul 2 - All Around Performance Foil Kite The FLYSURFER SOUL product line appeals to all freeriders who do not set limits, like to travel, and want to rely on a safe kite. The SOUL is powerful and predictable from the get-go. It conveys constant, precise bar feedback and, thanks to its Park & Ride feeling, is a brilliant first foil kite that never gets boring with increasing skills. In the hands of our professionals such as Olly Bridge, the product becomes a real big air machine that masters gap jumps and breks woo records. While Theo de Ramecourt pushes his surfboard tricks, Laurent Lolo Guyot pulls fat loops on snowy slopes, and Lewis Wilby takes Airstyle to the next level with the landboard, we go for a relaxing hydrofoil session in front of the HQ. The legendary SOUL embodies the entire spectrum of kiting and is always the right choice.