HQ Rush Pro - School 300 Trainer Kite

 RUSH PRO SCHOOL 300 You want to be well-prepared for kitesurfing, snowkiting as well as landboarding?   Are looking for a trainer kite, but would also like the challenging characteristics of a real depower kite?  With the Rush Pro School 300 we have developed and refined the perfect partner for you - robust,, sturdy, safe and with very easy handling. The Rush Pro School 300 flies just like a big kite, without asking too much of you. Depending on the wind conditions, your kite sessions can be anything between very comfortable and challenging.  The depower of the Rush Pro School 300 allows you to shift up a gear whenever you feel like it. Power and speed to the max, but always with full control - flying the Rush Pro School 300 is just simply fun. And it helps you to make fast progress.  An amazing addition to any kiters quiver and a must have for a kiteboarding school.    PROPERTIES:     Complete with depower controlbar and chickenloop     Ready-to-fly set     Simple handling - uncomplicated flight characteristics     Large wind range     Multiple adjustment options     Intended to by used with a waist or seat harness   CONTENTS:     Sleek HQ4 bag with straps     Depower controlbar with chickenloop     Trainer Kite Guide