Lazer Pro Gold Race Lines Flylines

All LaserPro flylines are scientifically braided for maximum strength. Braids are inherently balanced structures, with half the strands spiraling clockwise, and the other half spiraling counter-clockwise. During flight, all strands are loaded uniformly, assuring maximum strength from the fibers with minimum weight and wind resistance (or parasitic drag) from the line. Braided lines are more durable and abrasion resistant because the strands are locked into a symmetrical structure. LaserPro flylines are free of internal stresses so they uncoil with none of the "French Knot" or curling tendencies of lower cost, twisted lines. LaserPro lines are easier to set-up, handle, fly, and store. Laser Pro's TQM manufacturing processes produce lines that are optimized for their weight class. They are the thinnest, strongest, most compact, and smoothest lines available. These hand-crafted lines are available in various grades, weights and lengths, manufactured from high performance Spectra. LaserPro Gold, the flagship of the LaserPro Lineup, is manufactured using proprietary "Pressure Lock" technology resulting in the smoothest, most responsive flying line in the world! When properly set up and maintained, LaserPro lines will provide hundreds of hours of consistent performance on the flying field. Laser Pro Gold Spectra line is 10 times stronger than steel, U.V. resistant, and has the greatest strength to diameter ratio and lowest stretch than any other line. The smaller diameter and low percentage of stretch allow a flyer to perform a wide range of maneuvers in lighter winds with incredible responsiveness. For the flyer who insists on the highest possible strength and "slickness" with lowest elongation, choose Laser Pro Gold Spectra Line braided from premium Spectra fiber. These lines exhibit stunning performance characteristics including the highest "control resolution" with absolute minimum parasitic drag. The very slick surface of Laser Pro Gold lines permits accurate control of the kite even when dual or multiple lines become twisted during flight maneuvers. The world record of 328 revolutions was captured in 1994 using Laser Pro Gold lines.