Mystic Passion Women's Seat Harness - Purple - 20% Off

Mystic Passion Women's Seat Harness Designed for the female body to be comfortable, supportive, and wearable all day long. The Passion Seat harness is a great choice for women riders looking for something designed from the ground up to fit right. This harness is not a "pink it and shrink" design answer to women kiteboarders, it is the answer women are looking for. Key Features: Specialized female shape - There are countless body types. We did our best to shape this harness to fit the female body in the best way. Neoprene padded legstraps - Seat harnesses are supposed to be comfortable. These neoprene padded leg straps will give you the comfort you need. Grab handle on the back - This handle gives your kite buddy the opportunity to assist you when it's a little too windy out on the beach and you want to have someone that got your back. Heavy duty seat part - Sand, salt and shells are not the best combination for your harness. That's why we enforced the seat part with extra wear resistant fabric to help you through the toughest conditions.