Mystic - Star Wingfoil Board Bag w/Wheels

Mystic - Star Wingfoil Boardbag w/Wheels - Travel Wingboarding is an investment and the Star Wingboard Boardbag with wheels will protect your investment from dings, dents, and too much sun while transporting or waiting for the wind to come up. The heavy duty wheels will make transport to and from Airports or parking lots easy and smooth.  A sturdy construction with carrying handle for easy transportation and heavy duty zippers to ensure easy access and closure.The 8mm padding will Help prevent damage and offer your board a cushy ride to and from the water. Keep everything protected and in place with these removable pockets. If you want to save some weight you can always leave them out. The Extra large air vents integrated in the fabric will help keep your gear in the best condition, even when it's still wet.