Naish 2024 Jet HA Foil - Complete Foil

Naish 2024 Jet HA Foil - Complete High Aspect Foil Build the complete High Aspect foil that best suits your needs by choosing from one of the Naish Jet HA Wing/Fuselage packages and one of the Naish mast options. The newly developed Jet High Aspect foils have been engineered for maximum efficiency and performance. They feature an increased leading edge area allowing for narrower foil sections, resulting in improved glide and stability. The strategically designed wing tips offer exceptional speed, pumping efficiency, and turning ability. The combination of these elements results in a maneuverability that has never been seen before with HA foils. The slight rake angle reduces drag while providing more control and improved lift during turns. This new design also allows the foil to breach the surface without interrupting laminar flow. The new features on the Jet HA provide an optimized experience that allows riders to foil with ease, making it ideal for all types of riders regardless of skill level. The Jet HA offers an optimal balance between stabilization and performance that ensures smooth handling on any type of wave or swell.