Naish 2024 Psycho Nvision

2024 Naish Psycho NVision - Big Air Kite Big Air, redefined. The Psycho Nvision is the ultimate Big Air machine, designed for kiteboarders who dare to take the plunge into a new world of unparalleled quality and performance. The Psycho NVision allows riders of all levels to boost into progression of Big Air, providing a more vertical take-off, higher jumps and longer hangtime. Featuring the Aluula ?Helium Frame?, a new and improved structure illustrates a thinner leading edge and 5-strut system, translating to faster-turning loops, quicker acceleration and more lift. With no compromise on strength, the Psycho Nvision utilises Quadtex Ripstop across the canopy to ensure maximum durability on those sticky landings and difficult situations. With great depower, aerodynamic bridles and the immense advancements of the Aluula Technology; the Psycho Nvision is extremely lightweight and stable in the air, generating a fast-flying kite with incredible efficiency. With years of established on-water experience, our R&D team know exactly what elements to consider in designing something tailored to tackling the trends and keeping the hype alive within the industry. That?s why the new design boasts a super consistent kiteloop and catch, giving you the confidence and reliability to learn new tricks and progress faster than ever before.