Naish S26 Jet 1050, 1250 Foil Complete - 30% Off

Naish S26 Jet 1050 / 1250 Complete Hydrofoil - Foil Surfing/Wake Foiling/Wing-Surfing Naish Jet foils feature a medium aspect ratio delta-wing planform with moderate anhedral to deliver the optimum combination of early lift, speed, and turning ability. These wings are the ideal choice for foil surfing as well as a wide range of disciplines from windsurfing and wing-surfing to downwind kite foiling. The 1050 and 1250 are the go-to sizes for surf foiling in faster, steeper surf. These wings are also an excellent option for light wind kite foiling and windsurf foiling on crossover style boards. These wings are paired with the Stabilizer 320, which gives the complete setup more intuitive turning and response for pumping