Naish S27 Jet Foil Mast - Aluminum - 50% Off

Naish S27 Foil Mast - Aluminum The new Naish alloy mast features an updated 6061 aircraft grade aluminium extrusion that is nearly 25% stronger with only a nominal weight increase due to a new section architecture that puts more wall thickness at key buckling areas while maintaining the same exterior dimensions and low drag shape of the S26 mast. The new extrusion features a new bonded and screwed board mount (2x M8 and sex bolt) for a rock solid connection.The mast directly connects to the fuselage with 2 M8 screws and uses a molded fuselage connector that functions as a corrosion barrier. Sizes: 55cm | 65cm | 75cm | 85cm | 95cm Includes: 2 - 35mm M8 T30 Torx Head screws for mast-to-fuselage connection