Naish S27 Jet Foil Carbon 100 Mast - Full Carbon Fiber - 50% Off

Naish S27 Carbon 100 - Full Carbon Foil Mast The new Naish C100 monocoque carbon fiber mast is our most technologically advanced offering to date. Featuring 100% carbon construction that comprises a blend of 3K and UD, this mast features industry leading bending and torsional rigidity for a direct drive feel and maximum control, light weight thanks to a dual expanding foam core, and a low drag section optimized for speed and control. Corrosion issues are completely eliminated thanks to (2) 12 mm stainless steel inserts laminated into the mast structure and paired with our molded fuselage connector that acts as a corrosion barrier. Sizes: 75cm | 85cm | 95cm | 105cm Includes: 2  - 35mm M8 T30 Torx Head screws for mast-to-fuselage connection